How to Achieve Inner Peace in BitLife

Peace and tranquility

Achieve Inner Peace in BitLife

Living a peaceful, relaxing life is something we all aspire to do. Whether you’re completing a challenge or just want to live calmly, you can take several paths to accomplish this. Today, though, we’ll focus on one specific, surefire method you can use in every playthrough. Not only will it help you during challenges, but you’ll also get a small stat boost! To learn more, continue reading to discover how to achieve inner peace in BitLife.

How to Achieve Inner Peace in BitLife – Eat Pray Love Challenge Guide

Having inner peace requires you to meditate! To do this, age up your character until they’re at least 12 years old and head into Activities > Mind and Body > Meditate. You’ll practice meditation, boosting stats like your discipline, karma, or even fertility at random.

If you must do this in a specific country, such as achieving inner peace in India during the Eat Pray Love challenge, make sure you emigrate here before meditating! Otherwise, it will not count toward your progress.

BitLife Meditate Inner Peace
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What Does Meditating Do in BitLife?

Meditating in BitLife also has other perks, mainly with raising your stats. Increasing your discipline reduces your odds of developing addictions and slacking off, while karma indicates how good of a person your character is.

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Meditating to raise your fertility is also beneficial if your character attempts to have children and even increases your chances of having twins or triplets.

Generally speaking, meditating at least once during your character’s life is beneficial, even if you’re not attempting a weekly challenge. Those random stat boosts can go a long way!

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