How to Win a Nobel Prize in BitLife

How to Win a Nobel Prize in BitLife

Get tons of money for exploring the galaxy

Becoming an astronaut in BitLife can lead to a lot of things. You can fly around space, become famous, or even win prizes for your groundbreaking research. More specifically, you can win a Nobel Prize, known in-game as a “Noble Prize,” and get a ton of money as a bonus. To learn more, continue reading to find out how to win a Nobel Prize in BitLife.

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How to Win a Nobel Prize as an Astronaut in BitLife

There are two easy ways to win a Nobel Prize as an astronaut in BitLife:

  • Scan for cosmic anomalies.
  • Transmit and decrypt alien messages.

Doing either of these activities and publishing successful peer-reviewed papers gives you the highest odds of winning a Nobel Prize and receiving a massive sum of money alongside it. However, you’ll have to make sure your published papers are high-quality, or you’ll receive backlash instead.

How to Scan for Cosmic Anomalies

Of the two options listed above, I find this the easiest way to get a Nobel Prize within a few years. To do this, select Scan, choose an object, and change its Frequency Range to match the planet. Since you have to pick a specific frequency for each planet, below is a quick guide showing each correct range:

PlanetFrequency Range (GHz)
Deep Space80-100

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Once you start scanning, various options can appear, ranging from “absolute nothingness” to something revolutionary. If you find something interesting, publish your findings for a chance to receive a Nobel Prize for your paper. If it isn’t good, delete the recording and try again!

As a quick example, one of my characters scanned Deep Space and found a message describing some “sick alien beats.” Since I thought it was pretty funny, I published the paper, only for it to get the highest review score possible. This paper ended up being my first Nobel Prize win.

If you submit a paper with a low review score, you can either accept it and try again or close and reopen the BitLife app until you get a Nobel Prize-worthy paper.

How to Transmit and Decrypt Alien Messages

Unlike scanning for cosmic anomalies, you can only do this option once every few years. To do this, transmit messages into space until your agency director tells you not to, then wait until you receive a reply from an alien.

From here, decrypt the alien message, look for the result in your Extraterrestrial Messages discovery menu, and publish the paper to receive a positively-reviewed piece. So far, I’ve posted nearly a dozen of these on one of my characters, and almost every single one was positive. A few were mixed, but I never had any major issues with them overall.

BitLife is available on Android and iOS devices. To learn more about the game, check out all astronaut technical training answers in BitLife, or click the tag below to dive into our growing article list.

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