How to Decrypt Alien Messages in BitLife

What do these letters mean!?

Decrypt Alien Messages as an Astronaut in BitLife

Many of us have had childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut and exploring space. In BitLife, we can experience this by going on intergalactic missions, repairing old space gear, and interacting with aliens! However, chitchatting with extraterrestrials is challenging, especially when you get a long string of letters that make zero sense. If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover how to decrypt alien radio transmission messages as an astronaut in BitLife.

How to Decrypt Alien Radio Transmission Messages as an Astronaut in BitLife

When you receive an incoming transmission as an astronaut and decrypt the alien message, you’ll see a string of letters next to “Received Message” and a hint. Using this hint and other context clues, you’ll have to choose one of the four responses before publishing the discovery and receiving reviews from your peers.

Alien Radio Transmission Decryption in BitLife – Example One

The picture below is an example of one scenario I encountered and the step-by-step process I used to eliminate each option.

BitLife Decrypt Message First Transmission
Screenshot by Prima Games

In this screenshot, I received the message “IRAL HWYDYIEJDL” and the hint “L is Y”. With this information in mind, I was able to eliminate every option except “Obey Authority”. While the third option was close to this, the second word doesn’t have a Y at the end, unlike the message I got from the aliens. “Obey Authority” was more accurate, and it was the correct response.

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Alien Radio Transmission Decryption in BitLife – Example Two

Since the scenario above was pretty easy, I found another transmission during my BitLife playthrough, which I’ll show in the image below.

BitLife Decrypt Message Second Transmission
Screenshot by Prima Games

Here, I got the message “TRR IFY TFFK”, and my hint was “K is N”. This eliminated every option except “See you soon”, which was the correct response.

However, if this hint only eliminated one or two responses, seeing three “F”s and two “R”s also reveals duplicate letters in the correct word. The only word with multiple duplicates is “See you soon”, confirming my suspicions that this was the right choice. This tip will help a lot with complicated messages or transmissions where the hint gives little information away.

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What Do Alien Radio Transmission Messages Do in BitLife?

Once you decrypt an alien message in BitLife, you can head into your Astronaut job tab and select Discoveries to view your Extraterrestrial messages. After entering this menu, you can pick one of your messages and publish it to receive a peer review. If the translation is correct, you’ll gain a positive review and a boost in performance, while an incorrect one has the opposite effect. Finding these is a great way to improve your performance while having fun solving a quick riddle.

With all that said, good luck on your journey to deciphering wacky alien messages!

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