How to Add Foundation to a House in Sims 4

Every good house needs a strong foundation.

One of the best parts about the Sims franchise is that when you’re not playing out crazy scenarios in your Sims’ professional and personal lives, you can build your dream structures. The Sims 4 build system allows you to explore the depths of your imagination when building your dream houses. With that in mind, knowing how to add foundations is helpful if you don’t want your new home — or any other structure — to use a dirt ground as its base.

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Adding a Foundation to A House in Sims 4

In the Sims 4, players can easily add a foundation by entering build mode, selecting the room to which they want to add the foundation, and then dragging the middle arrow upwards. Once this foundation is created, its appearance can be changed by going to the ‘Foundations” section in build/buy mode.

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Players who start with a fresh lot must create a room to add a foundation. This can be done by going to ‘Build’ in build/buy mode and choosing a room from ‘Styled Rooms’ or ‘Walls and Empty Rooms.’ Once the room is created, players can use the arrows to make changes, including adding the foundation.

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If players add a foundation to an existing structure, they only need to go into ‘Build” in build/buy mode and click on any room. It’s important to note that using the arrows in any room will raise the entire house’s foundation.

If you’re interested in flexing your construction muscles a bit more, check out how to create a basement in the Sims 4. If you’re done with building and want to start adding items to your structure, see how to use the debug cheat to gain access to the full breadth of items at your disposal for decorating.

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