Hospital Location in The Sims 4

Where to Find the Hospital in The Sims 4

Live life in your favorite TV medical drama

One of your Sims may have to visit the hospital for all kinds of reasons. When characters give birth, they go to this lot. When working as a doctor, it’s the same story. You may be familiar with its appearance, especially if you’ve seen it in videos or visited it firsthand. Figuring out how to access the lot manually, though, is another story. To learn more, continue reading to discover where to find the hospital in The Sims 4.

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How to Go to the Hospital in Sims 4

The hospital in The Sims 4 is found in the Civic Center neighborhood of Willow Creek after purchasing the Get to Work expansion pack. However, unlike most neighborhoods you can easily visit with any character, you can only go to Civic Center’s hospital if one of your characters gives birth or works as a doctor. There is no other way to go to the hospital normally.

If you have a doctor Sim in your household, they’ll visit the hospital during work hours. You can let them go alone or join them on their shift, allowing you to control their actions and performance.

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Similarly, if one of your Sims gets pregnant, they’ll eventually go into labor, allowing you to either send them to the hospital alone or visit them. If you decide to join them at the hospital, you’ll find the same building and watch your character go into a machine to have their child.

Sims 4 Willow Creek Hospital Layout
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How to Edit and Build in the Hospital in The Sims 4

Either of these options also allows you to enable cheats and toggle on Free Build if you want to change the building in any way. You can do this by taking the following steps:

  • Open the cheat menu using the following keys:
    • PC: Ctrl +Shift + C
    • Mac: Cmd + Shift + C
    • PlayStation: R1 + R2 + L1+ L2
    • Xbox: RB + RT + LB + LT
  • Type in testingCheats true
  • Type in bb.enablefreebuild

Now you can freely edit the hospital to your heart’s content!

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