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How Old is Kratos in God of War Ragnarok?

Papa Kratos is still looking pretty good for his age

by Daphne Fama

There’s no doubt that Kratos is ancient and far-traveling. It wasn’t so long ago that he was going toe-to-toe with his jerk of a father, Zeus, in Greece. But a significant amount of time has passed between the life (and family) he once had in Greece and his present moment in God of War Ragnarök.

So, Just How Old is Kratos in God of War Ragnarok?

It’s impossible to determine Kratos’s precise age, but we can get a rough estimate using some of the details we’ve gleaned from the trilogy and some significant dates offered by the last two installments.

At the end of the Grecian trilogy, Kratos witnesses the destruction of Sparta, an event that happens in 464 BC. God of War takes place right before Fimbulwinter, the event that heralds the arrival of Ragnarök, which occurs in 535 AD. With some quick calculations, we can thus determine that nearly 1,020 years have passed between Kratos’ time in Greece and his time in ancient Scandinavia.

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We can narrow down his age even further by really examining Kratos’ time in Greece. Kratos was a warrior who served Ares, leaning armies against the enemies of the Greek gods, and earned his Blade of Chaos in doing so. Unfortunately, Ares thought it’d be a good idea to deceive Kratos into killing his daughter, who was eight at the time, in an effort to make Kratos the ultimate warrior with no attachments. This was a mistake. But using Kratos’ daughter’s age, we can determine that Kratos was likely around 30 when he began his warpath against Ares.

After God of War 1, it’s implied that Kratos has been wreaking havoc across Greece with his Spartan army for centuries. Zeus puts a stop to this, and Kratos swears revenge, ending his father and the Grecian pantheon once and for all. This gives us between 130 – 230 years.

We can then add the final numbers using Atreus. In God of War set in Scandinavia, we know Atreus is 11. And in God of War Ragnarök, he’s 14, meaning we can add another 14 years to Kratos’ age.

So, in sum total, how old is papa Kratos? Anywhere between 1,164 – to 1,394 years old. He’s had a pretty good run, for someone who makes a lot of powerful enemies.