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How Much Will Minecraft Legends Cost? – Minecraft Legends Price

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With Minecraft Legends’ release swiftly approaching on April 18, 2023, many of us eagerly search for gameplay information, its available platforms, and other important details to help us decide whether to buy it. One point many people consider is a game’s price and whether it is free-to-play. While I can say now that Minecraft Legends isn’t free, we can still dive more into its exact cost and alternative ways to play. To learn more, continue reading to find a comprehensive pricing guide for Minecraft Legends.

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How Much Will Minecraft Legends Cost? – Minecraft Legends Price Guide

The amount you’ll have to pay for Minecraft Legends depends on which edition you purchase. These two editions, Standard and Deluxe, each have their own perks and price differences. While Standard Edition comes with the base game, Deluxe Edition includes an exclusive skin pack for a reduced price.

With that said, below are the US prices for both:

  • Standard Edition – $39.99 (or your regional equivalent)
  • Deluxe Edition – $49.99
  • Deluxe Skin Pack – $14.99

The list above also includes the price of the deluxe skin pack, which costs slightly extra if bought separately. However, if you purchase standard and want the skins later, you can do so without spending an additional $50 on a second game copy. Either way, you get a new hero skin and several mount skins in exchange. If you want to spend less, you can save $10 by getting Standard Edition and using the default skins.

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Playing Through Xbox Game Pass

Now what if you’re on PC or Xbox and don’t want to pay this much for Minecraft Legends? Fortunately, the game will also release on day one on Xbox Game Pass, allowing you to play it as long as you have a subscription. While this isn’t a free option, it’s a solid alternative if you already pay for the service or want a reason to try it.

Minecraft Legends will be available on April 18, 2023, on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation platforms.

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