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How Many Neopets Can You Own on One Account in Neopets – Answered

The number of Neopets that you can own might surprise you.

Neopets has had more time in the spotlight recently than it has had in numerous years. This is due to the recent ownership change and the four-million-dollar financial backing. It then comes as no surprise that many people who had played Neopets previously are now logging back into their accounts for the first time in a number of years. Neopets has changed dramatically over the years, but one change that the majority of players appreciate is the increase in the number of Neopets that a player can own at any one time. The number is slightly confusing, however, so keep reading to find out just how many Neopets you can have on your Neopets account.

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Total Number of Neopets Per Neopets Account

The Neopets of yesteryear allowed for a total of four Neopets per account. This meant that players had to choose between not only the many species of Neopets but the variety of colors that they could be painted. Over the years, this has been expanded.

As of 2021, players can have a total of 20 Neopets per account. To reach this limit, you will need to do the following:

  • A basic Neopets account will provide you with six pet slots.
  • A premium (paid membership) Neopets account with provide you with an additional four pet slots.
  • Using real currency, you can purchase pet slots from the NC Mall with a maximum of an additional 10 pet slots.

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Players are allowed to have five accounts in total. A main account and four side accounts. Players are allowed to increase pet slots on their side accounts to a maximum of 20. If one followed this method, they would be able to have a total of 100 Neopets.

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Most players prefer to have multiple Neopets, as customization is one of the main aspects of the website of current. It undoubtedly provides Neopets with their biggest source of revenue. It can be quite cumbersome to have to trade Neocash items back and forth between your side accounts. Especially as you need to use a Gift Box item that you spend real money to acquire. Due to this, many players prefer to keep their pets on one account and are then limited to 20 Neopets.

Whilst this number does seem like a lot, and it is a lot compared to the four that players originally had to work with, players are still requesting more. It has been a question that has been asked repeatedly online. With the upcoming Nosy Neopians podcast that is an AMA style with the CEO, it will be interesting to see if he addresses the issue.

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