August’s Nosy Neopians Podcast Will Be Conducted AMA Style; Features Neopets CEO Dominic Law

Neopets CEO Dominic Law is here to answer your burning Neopets questions.

Neopets AMA

Nosy Neopians is an ongoing staff-run Neopets podcast that began in February 2023. The podcast was a new initiative by the Neopets staff to open communication channels between staff and players, as well as provide more transparency. Staff provide information such as realistic updates on the timeline for HTML5 implementation, updates to broken parts of the website, merchandise updates, and more. Neopets players can also ask questions that may be answered during the podcast. Neopets posted on their social media channels that the upcoming August podcast would be an Ask Me Anything (AMA) style session with the new CEO, Dominic Law.

Neopets Players Flood CEO Dominic Law with Questions Ahead of AMA Podcast

Fans were quick to post a plethora of questions, from basic questions regarding the much-awaited reintroduction of Unconverted Pets (UC). These are highly valuable pets that retain the old Neopets art style before most old pets and all new pets would be converted to a new, more generic style that allowed for customization options.

Other more scandalous questions, such as players wanting to know why certain players received precious and rare items that are so rare, they can be easily tracked. Whilst all social media posts saw fans engage and ask questions, the official post on the Neoboards received the most attention and was eventually locked, citing that there were too many comments.

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With a very passionate fanbase that wants to see the site return to its former glory and a new CEO that states that he wants to be asked and is open to any question, players are interested to see what he will and will not respond to. At the very least, this AMA will provide more information on the future of Neopets.

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