If you've been wanting to crack into Destiny 2, you may have realized that the game is actually currently offline for emergency maintenance. While Update 2.7.1 went live recently and started rolling out a few hours ago, it's definitely not been a smooth process. If you're wondering how long will Destiny 2 be down, here's what we know so far. 

How Long Will Destiny 2 Be Down - Glimmer and Materials Fix

If you're wondering what happened after Update 2.7.1 went live in Destiny 2, it appears that there have been some problems with people having their Glimmer and other infusion materials disappearing right out of their inventories and into the ether. While it was anticipated that Destiny 2 was going to be offline for a time in order to deal with everything else to do with Update 2.7.1, this issue definitely hasn't been anticipated. 

As you can see from the tweet from Bungie's official Twitter, it looks like the team has identified what's actually causing this problem when it comes to the Glimmer and materials having disappeared. At the moment, the Bungie website is online so you can receive your updates direct from there if you like, but we're going to be waiting for the official update at 12PM Pacific from Bungie to see how much longer this maintenance will go on for. At this rate, Bungie doesn't seem to know how long Destiny 2 will be down but we should find out soon.

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