So you're looking to beef up your Destiny 2 arsenal a little bit and maybe wondering how to get the Python Ritual weapon. We get it, mo guns, no problems isn't really the saying but it still works! For those looking to get the Python shotgun, you're going to need to get cozy with the Drifter and get ready to drop those motes, sista (or brotha, all my Guardians are female, sorry). 

How to get Python Ritual weapon in Destiny 2

 For those that don't know, the Python was one of the new assets added with Season of Dawn and while it's pretty heckin' spiffy, actually getting it can be a bit of a grind. If you're down for it though, here's what you need to know in order to get your hands on the new Ritual weapon.

First things first, head to the Tower and talk to the Drifter. There you'll find a quest called "Get Closer." With this quest now in your journal, it's going to have you do three things in order to advance: 

  1. 500 Shotgun final blows (ugh)
  2. 150 Shotgun close-range final blows (UGH)
  3. Infamy rank Heroic (Ok, this one's not so bad)

If you're like me and have a weird aversion to shotguns, you may be looking at that to-do list with a tiny bit of dread. That's a lot of kills to get with a weapon that's not to your fancy, but you can do it - we have faith in you. But, if it makes it a little easier, both regular Gambit and Gambit Prime count towards this, so you're not limited to one or the other. That, and PvP and PvE kills count, so though obviously taking out other Guardians will let you progress faster. You also might want to brush up on those Invader skills to get those close-range final blows to speed it up a bit as well.

As for the Heroic rank, you know the drill. Scoop up bounties from the Drifter, complete said bounties, enjoy the revelry. To get to Heroic, you'll need 2,500 infamy points, so you're going to want to make frequent pitstops to the Drifter to grab everything you can from him. 

Once Get Closer is completed, you're going to want to mosey on back over to the Tower to pick up your shiny new Python Shotgun. If you're looking for a few shotgun recommendations for taking on this quest for the Python, here are a few of our favorites during Season of Dawn: 

  • Lord of Wolves (Exotic)
  • Minderbender's Ambition (Legendary) - Nightfall Strike

Ready to go get your Python Ritual weapon in Destiny 2? Go forth and prosper, Guardian. As for the game itself, Destiny 2 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam, and Google Stadia.