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Marionberry Destiny 2 Error Code – What is This?

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been encountering some difficulty with cracking into the latest of what Destiny 2 has to offer, then don’t fret. The community as a whole has been encountering some hiccups lately, whether it’s connectivity errors or bugs that Bungie has to chew through, but here’s what we know about the Marionberry Destiny 2 error code.

Marionberry Destiny 2 Error Code – What is This?

It seems like only yesterday that Bungie pushed through the update for the EDZ Obelisk issue that was plaguing us. However, it seems like we just can’t catch a break what with this Marionberry error code resurfacing. If you’ve been encountering it, it looks like it doesn’t really matter which console you’re playing on – all seem to be affected indiscriminately, whether you’re Team PlayStation or Team Xbox. 

According to Bungie’s Help forums, the Marionberry error code in Destiny 2 is encountered by players who have an issue with their networking setup. The following may be reasons why you’re getting this particular code, though we wouldn’t consider this an exhaustive list:

  • WiFi outage
  • Network settings changing
  • Parental Control settings
  • Faulty router firmware
  • Player to Player connectivity issues

The fix that’s been suggested by Bungie for moments like this appears to be power-cycle any networking hardware before attempting to restart the game. One reason that the forums are giving for the Marionberry error code is also just general issues with one’s router and its hardware. For those who aren’t getting relief out of the above-suggested fix, maybe checking out the Network Troubleshooting Guide that Bungie has kicking around for Guardians to look at while they peer closely at any issues on their end will help. 

Need a hand with something else that isn’t the Marionberry Destiny 2 error code? This looks like something which is affected by the connectivity settings of individual players as opposed to something on the Bungie server side, so give a few methods a crack before having a go online. In the meantime, we’ve got some other tips and tricks that Guardians might find useful:

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