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Destiny 2 Season 9 Secret Triumphs – When Do These Come Out?

by Ginny Woo

We know that we’ve been enjoying our time with Season 9 of Destiny 2 so far, but for those who have been waiting around to hear more about the secret Triumphs, we can understand if you’re getting a little impatient. While we’ve still got over a month til the season ends, the community always gets a little snippy hot off the back of a period packed with events. Here’s what we know about the Destiny 2 Season 9 secret Triumphs and when they will be available to earn.

Destiny 2 Season 9 Secret Triumphs – When Do These Come Out?

For those who aren’t sure what the secret Triumphs that you should be keeping an eye out for are, we’ve got the rundown here. After much canvassing, the consensus with the community seems to be that these are the ones to watch:

  • Legendary Psion – Defeat Inotam, Oblivion’s Triune, on Legend difficulty or higher
  • Inotam’s Ruin – Defeat Inotam, Oblivion’s Triune, within the Sundial
  • Central Power – Repair and insert the Tower Obelisk core to activate its true potential
  • Empyrean Restorer – Donate Polarized Fractaline to the Tower Obelisk to contribute toward the Empyrean Restoration effort (5000 Polarized Fractaline)
  • Torch-Bearer – Complete the Empyrean Restoration effort and light the beacon

If you’re looking at that and wincing, well, you’re not alone. That’s definitely an unhealthily large amount of Polarized Fractaline for anyone to hoard. However, if that’s the most daunting part, then our guide on farming that particular material might assuage most of your worries. 

Now, the word on the street with the content roadmap out is that these secret Triumphs are going to correspond with the launch of the Empyrean Foundation and Oblivion’s Triune content currently slated for February 4 (as you can see above). Accordingly, Guardians will be able to take a couple of cracks at the Destiny 2 Season 9 secret Triumphs from February 4 if they get all their Polarized Fractaline in order. 

If you need a hand with anything else in Destiny 2, why not check out these other tips and tricks that we’ve put together?

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