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How Long is Stray? – Main Story Play Time Length

How long will you need to play Stray to beat it?

by Jesse Vitelli

Have you ever wanted to be a cat? We’ve all been there, living the life, soaking up the sun, doing a big stretch, and clawing up the furniture. In Stray, you’ll take on the life of a stray cat wandering around a civilization of robots. You’ll solve puzzles, knock stuff off shelves, and meow to your heart’s content. How long is Stray? We have the main story playtime length for you right below.

How Long is Stray? – Main Story Play Time Length

Stray, developed by BlueTwelve Studios, takes roughly 5-6 hours to complete. Now, it can take a bit longer if you’re trying to go and collect all of the hidden collectibles and complete some minor side quests, but your first play-through of just the main story can be wrapped up in about 6 hours total.

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There is also a Trophy/achievement to beat the game in under two hours, which can be obtained once you’ve beaten the game and figured out all the puzzles. Since nothing in the game is randomized, each subsequent playthrough will take less and less time since you know what needs to be done.

Now everyone plays games at different speeds, so expect your average playtime to vary a little bit, but it took us seven hours total with 100% completion. Stray is an excellent game to pick up and play throughout a night or two. It’s pretty low stress in most situations and will let you live out your cat dreams.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how long Stray is. If you need help with some of those difficult collectibles, we have the sheet music and notebooks guides for you here.

Stray is currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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