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How to Get the Worker Helmet and Jacket in Stray

Time to get a new look for your new cat job.

by Jesse Vitelli

Stray will have you causing all sorts of different problems as an adorable cat roaming around a large cyberpunk-themed world. You’ll need to use your kitty prowess to solve many puzzles and other obstacles that stand in your way. Collecting items for NPCs is a massive part of the progression in Stray. Once you make it to Midtown, you’ll need to collect a worker’s jacket and helmet for the main quest. Here’ show to get them in Stray.

How to Get the Worker Helmet and Jacket in Stray

To make it into the factory as part of the main quest, you’ll need to fetch a worker’s hat and jacket for your accomplice, who will sneak you in.

To obtain the worker’s jacket, you’ll need to steal it from the clothing shop. It can be found in the store window, but the pesky store owner will block you when you go to get it. You’re going to need to distract it. This can be done by putting a cassette tape in the boombox in the store’s back room. You’ll need to get the tape from the robot sitting in the courtyard of the apartment complex where you found Clementine.

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Talk to the robot sitting on the bench, and it will ask you to disable the three security cameras. This can be done by jumping on them; they will knock loose once you get off of them. Below you can find all three locations (I had knocked them off already, but the red circle will indicate where the camera will be).

After this, talk to the robot again to get the cassette tape. Now head back to the clothing store and put the tape in the boombox. This will distract the store owner and give you time to grab the jacket from the window.

Worker Hat

For this one, you’ll need to head to the bar. Go into the back room to find a robot (Slurpachee) passed out on a table. Climb up to the shelf above it and knock over the crate of bottles. This will fall over and wake Slurpachee up. Follow the robot to the hat shop, where you will need to hide in the box in front of it. You can hit X to jump in the box and wait for Slurp to bring you inside the store. Now grab the worker hat in the window and leave the store.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get the worker jacket and hat in Stray.

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