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How Long is Hi-Fi Rush? – Game Length Revealed

Can you rush through?

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How Long is Hi-Fi Rush - Game Length Revealed

The suddenly-released rhythmic action-adventure Hi-Fi Rush delighted us all at the end of January 2023. You take on the role of wanna-be rock star Chai and his crew, who fight against an evil mega-corporation using attacks that follow the beat of the music. It is wild as it sounds, but it is crazy fun too! But the question arises – is this just a fun little mini-game or a proper lengthy adventure? How long is Hi-Fi Rush? Let’s find out.

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How Long is Hi-Fi Rush? – Game Length Revealed

It seems from the first aggregated information on that Hi-Fi Rush isn’t a very long game. The average completion time is around eight and a half hours. It also doesn’t appear that there’s a lot of side stuff to extend the duration, as completing the main story and side content takes about nine hours on average.

However, as there are over 60 achievements to be unlocked, as listed on the Gamerscore card, if you decide to play as a completionist and collect just about every Achievement, you can extend the duration of Hi-Fi Rush to over 15 hours. Now, I wonder, how challenging are those Achievements, and what do they consist of?

You can check out the complete list of achievements on a website like and see that to complete everything, among other challenges, you need to finish the game on three different difficulty levels, including Hard! Aside from that, you will also need to figure out many secret achievements, so there is that. Have fun!

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