Hi-Fi Rush Cast – All Voice Actors Listed

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Tango Gameworks’ brand new action rhythm bonanza has taken the gaming world by storm. It isn’t just the fact that it came out of nowhere, being announced and shadowdropped at the same time. Hi-Fi Rush is also a sick as hell game, full of bright colors, impressive animation and some of the dopest combat in a game like this, well, ever. The voice acting is excellent too, and we know y’all are interested in the who’s who of Hi-Fi Rush’s VO.

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Hi-Fi Rush Cast – All Voice Actors Listed

There is a lot of voice talent involved in Hi-Fi Rush, especially because you can go into the options and choose between several different languages from the jump. Here I’ve opted to focus on the main cast and their respective English and Japanese voice actors. Mostly because Hi-Fi Rush is largely developed by a Japanese team, and our audience is largely North American. I’m also kinda dizzy from watching the credits on YouTube at double speed since I haven’t quite finished the game myself. Anyway, here are the heroes and the main cast of villains.

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Chai – Robbie Daymond, Hiro Shimono
Peppermint – Erica Lindbeck, Toa Yukinari
CNMN – Sunil Malhotra, Hiroyuki Yoshino
Macaron – Gabe Kunda, Yasuhiro Mamiya
Korsica – Sarah Elmaleh, Yu Kobayashi
Mimosa – Camilla Arfwedson, Kikuko Inoue
Rekka – Misty Lee, Kimiko Saito
Zanzo – Todd Haberkorn, Wataru Takagi
Roxanne Vandelay – Rahnuma Panthaky, Naoko Koda
Kale Vandelay – Roger Craig Smith, Takehito Koyasu
Roquefort – David Fane, Fumihiko Tachiki

There are all the goofy robots and whatnot too, but again, this is the main cast. Play the game yourself for all the credits, because everyone involved with this game did a commendable job! There’s just a fine line between “providing relevant information to the audience” and “plagiarism from writing the entire credits down.” It be like that sometimes.

Anyway, don’t sleep on Hi-Fi Rush, for goodness’ sake.

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