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How Does The Pity and Gacha Work in Honkai: Star Rail? – Answered

Alright, we all want to know. How bad are we in for it?

Honkai: Star Rail will continue the time-honored tradition of being a gacha game, and the best thing about gacha games is knowing what you are guaranteed that super rare, ultra lucky, bedazzled, and spackled character that you will max out and then never use again. Let us take a gander and see if Hoyoverse is any more sympathetic to us in their newest game.

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What is Pity?

If this term is foreign to you, here is a quick tutorial. For Gacha games, there exists an increased chance that you will get the Five-Star or Ultra Rare character on the banner you are wishing for. For Genshin, soft pity will begin occurring at around 60 to 70 wishes where you will have a slightly increased rate of pulling rarer characters. Hard pity begins once it enters 80, meant to further increase your chances by another small margin. It seems that before even entering Honkai: Star Rail the numbers are crunched a bit differently here. But it seems to work to the advantage of the player. 

The mathematical chance for a Five-Star on the Character Event Warp is 0.6% as a base chance. Consolidated chances increase to 1.6%. For obtaining the Four-Stars, since there are some excellent characters you may not have yet in the pool, the chances are 99.4% for either the Four-Star characters or the Light Cones feature in that event. Individual pulls are 5.1% for the Four-Star Entities with 2.5% for either the Character or a Lightcone with consolidated chances increasing to 13%.

Character Event Warp Chances in Honkai: Star Rail

Similar to Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail will continue to base the 50/50 chance of getting the character on the banner. So, you will either get Seele, Jing Yuan, Kafka, or other event characters that will be running on the warp, but there is the chance that you will get one of the Standard Characters in Honkai: Star Rail as well. So far, these standard characters include Himeko, Welt, Bronya, Gepard, Clara, Yanqing, and Bailu. At the same time, if you do lose the 50/50, you will be guaranteed the exclusive Five-Star the next time you manage to have a Five-Star pull on that banner. Like Genshin, it will carry over to the next banner so if you find that you were unable to pull Seele this term if you have lost, you will be guaranteed a Jing Yuan since it will carry over as the same Character Event Warp. 

Light Cone Event Warp Chances in Honkai: Star Rail

It is time for the most terrifying Event Warp of all… In Genshin Impact, the weapon banner is quite literally a joke. Obtaining the weapon that is taunting you on the banner is harder than it should be, but it looks like Hoyoverse tinkered with the settings and now they are so much fairer for Honkai: Star Rail. Instead of a similar 50/50 rate, you will actually have a 75% chance of achieving the Event Light Cone featured in the banner with the same applying to the Four-Stars as well as the Five-Star. 

Every 80 Warps will guarantee a Five-Star Light Cone with a base chance of 0.8% and a consolidated chance of 1.87%. Better still is that even if you do lose with your increased chances of obtaining the Five-Star Light Cone featured in the Event Warp, you are guaranteed it with the next Five-Star pull you manage. You will not have to lose the 50/50 twice in order to be guaranteed the Light Cone. What a saving grace.

Regular Warp Chances in Honkai: Star Rail

The Regular Warp is pretty standard with a 0.6% chance of obtaining a Five-Star Light Cone or Character at a base chance with it being evenly split between the two. Consolidated chances increase to 1.6% and every 90 characters will guarantee a Five-Star Character or Light Cone.

Four-Stars have a 5.1% base chance with it being 50/50 on if you will get a Character or a Light Cone, then the consolidated chances are 13%. Every 10 Warps will guarantee you a Four-Star Character or Light Cone.

One of the unique things about the Regular Warp Banner is that upon achieving exactly 300 pulls, you will actually get the opportunity to choose which Five-Star from the Regular Warp Banner you would like. Do not be so quick to get there though, you may end up getting all the characters before then. This event can take months of buildup even if you are using your hard-earned Stellar Jades.

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