Future Character Event Warps Leaked to 1.3 in Honkai: Star Rail

Would you believe it? We got leaks~!

It is unavoidable with a game as popular as Honkai: Star Rail that there is going to be a couple of secrets seeping through the cracks. But they have always proven to be quite useful in helping players plan out their in-game finances in time for when the characters are actually released. As long as the story is not spoiled, what harm does it do? A question for another time, onto the juicy stuff!!

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Character Event Warp Leaks for 1.1 in Honkai: Star Rail

The characters that will be featured in Honkai: Star Rail’s 1.1 updates will be Luocha and Silver Wolf as the main Five-Stars that will be featured individually along with a Four-Star Character Yukong. Because Honkai: Star Rail is still fresh from the oven, these Five-Star characters will not be running at the same time. Similar to Genshin Impact, we can expect to see either Luocha or Silver Wolf run for about 20 or so days and then it will switch to the other Five-Star. Since these leaks are still early, we will not know yet which banner Yukong will be a part of until we get closer or once it is verified by Honkai: Star Rail Official Twitter themselves!

Character Event Warp Leaks for 1.2 in Honkai: Star Rail

Gosh, it has not been all that long since they have joined, but already we can expect to see Kafka and Blade join our party in Honkai: Star Rail’s 1.2 updates. Aaggghhh, I have no idea who I am going to choose between them! Hopefully, we will have some events or rewards to look forward to whenever we do get closer to 1.2. This update is going to be particularly difficult. It does not look like we can expect to see a Four-Star event in this banner thus far, but once we know more, we will be sure to let you know!

Character Event Warp Leaks for 1.3 in Honkai: Star Rail

And finally, the last of the knowledge we know up until 1.3 Honkai: Star Rail’s update is going to be Fu Xuan and what may just very well be a Five Star Dan Heng. Fu Xuan is a lovely and beautiful character that will be introduced when we next see Kafka in the story. She is sure to be a powerful unit to add to your party once her banner is officially verified! As for Dan Heng, it really should come as no one’s surprise that our mysterious friend has such an ominous past and likewise hidden power. Though to make an entire unit based on that… It is not entirely uncommon for Honkai, specifically, but if you have hailed from Genshin Impact, this will be a bit of a surprise for you. All the same, we do know his element will be Imaginary and his Path will be following Destruction. For more, be sure to check out our first coverage of this news!

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Leaks are subject to change and should not be expected to be the final product. Hoyoverse still owns the final say in what characters will be released and who might actually appear.

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