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How Does the Birdseye Perk Work in COD Warzone 2?

Get a birds-eye view of Al Mazrah.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Birdseye Perk

There are plenty of decent perks that players can choose from in Call of Duty: Warzone 2, especially for the higher-tier perks. One of those Ultimate perks that players have been running since launch is the Birdseye, and some players have sworn by the option ever since.

But without knowing the full extent of the Birdseye perk, it can be hard to tell why players would want to pick it up over something like Ghost or Quick Fix. We’ll discuss what makes the Birdseye perk a viable option in Warzone 2 and what you can expect from using it.

COD Warzone 2 – How Does the Birdseye Perk Work?

The basic description for this perk is easy to follow, but it has some added benefits that fly under the radar unless you know they exist. At a base level, the Birdseye perk will reveal the enemy’s direction through UAV and Radar pings on your minimap. That means you can essentially see the enemy on your minimap as you would with an Advanced UAV, showing the direction they are facing and not just a red dot.

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What makes this perk so powerful is that it activates with any UAV that’s called into Warzone 2, whether it’s yours or an enemy player’s. Considering how many players actually call in a UAV in each match, there are a ton of chances to get some Advanced UAV pings on your map. However, the catch is that you’ll only get a few pings per UAV, so you’ll need to make the most of the information you get.

To use the Birdseye perk in Warzone 2, make sure that you have the Recon perk package equipped in your favorite loadout. This comes with Double Time, Tracker, and Focus. Then you’ll need to actually get your loadout within Al Mazrah to activate the perk in a Warzone 2 match.

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