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How to Change Your Appearance in Star Wars: The Old Republic

by Lucas White

When it comes to service games, in which player data is often stored in servers, sometimes customization options are treated like a premium option. Due to the storage costs, some games will charge you to have more than one character, or have players pay real or in-game money to alter their characters’ appearance in various ways. These options get even more complicated in free to play games. For example, Star Wars: The Old Republic offers plenty of appearance-related services, but at a premium price.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Appearance Change Guide

BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic is free to play to some extent, but asks you to pay real money to access the full suite of content. Premium purchases are governed by Cartel Coins, which you can purchase through in-game means or on the game’s official website. You can also become a regular subscriber, paying a regular fee (like a traditional MMO!) and getting a monthly Cartel Coin stipend in addition to other bonuses.

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If you have Cartel Coins to spare, you can change your character’s appearance in various ways. One method is to check out the Cartel Marlet or the GTN, where you’ll be able to find things like new hair styles, tattoos, and eyes. These individual purchases will give you those options for when you create a new character – you can also purchase new species a la carte. But if you want to modify your current character you’re already playing with, you’ll need to visit an appearance modification station. 

These can be located in the cartel bazaar, either on the north end or the south side if you’re on the Republic or Sith sides respectively. Using these appearance modification stations will allow you to tinker around with what is essentially a second character customization suite – giving you the freedom to modify whatever you want (except for your chosen gender). Each option you want to change comes with a Cartel Coin cost, which ranges all the way from 40 for changing your eye color, to 600 for changing your species. 

This option is always available, but it’s up to you if you’re a subscriber to spend your Cartel Coin allowance on making appearance tweaks. But, perhaps this is a better option compared to some games which charge a flat fee to send your player avatar back to the character creation screen for a glow up. Either way you’re making the hamsters running the server wheels do extra work, and the little guys deserve some extra sunflower seed for their troubles.

Are you the type of MMO player who likes to revisit their character’s look every now and then, regardless of the cost? Or do you prefer to make your one character, and stick with whatever you can’t change for free? Let us know your thoughts on MMO style over on the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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