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Horizon Zero Dawn – How to Upgrade Your Spear

by Josh Hawkins

Aloy’s spear is a powerful weapon in Horizon Zero Dawsn, and while it can be extremely useful during your quest to find out what’s going on in the game, there really don’t appear to be many options out there that will let you upgrade it. In this article we’ll go over everything you need to know to upgrade your spear in Horizon Zero Dawn, and even point out how you can acquire a new spear later in the game.

How to Upgrade Your Spear

Unlike the other weapons that make up Aloy’s arsenal, the spear cannot be traded out for new items. Unfortunately, players are stuck with the same spear that they start the game with. This doesn’t mean there aren’t some ways to upgrade it though, and below you’ll find out everything you need to know to increase the amount of damage your spear can do.

Step 1: Complete side quest In Her Mother’s Footsteps.

This side quest, which you find early on in the game, tasks Aloy with finding a wounded hunter’s daughter. After speaking with the man, head out across the land and follow the young girl’s tracks. Once you’ve found her, the quest will update, and you’ll have to acquire a spear from the body of a nearby Scrapper. Take the Scrapper out, then return to Thok, the hunter, with the spear. He’ll reward you with a Spear Damage Boost.

Step 2: Unlock Melee Related Skills

The next thing you can do to increase your spear’s damage is to unlock some of the melee oriented skills available in the Skills Menu. There aren’t many skills available that help out the spear’s overall damage, but we have listed a few useful ones below:

  • Precision – Aloy’s light spear attacks have an increased change of knocking off armor and components.
  • Precision+ – Light spear attacks have a greatly increased chance of knocking off armor and components.
  • Knock Down – Heavy spear attacks knock machines down faster.
  • Fighting Back – Aloy’s heavy spear attacks deal more damage when her health is low.

How to Get a New Spear

As stated above, there currently aren’t any ways to purchase a new spear and add it to your arsenal. While you can upgrade your basic spear damage, there is only one true way to get an entirely new spear. To do this, make your way through the main mission until you reach the quest The Mountain That Fell. After you complete the quest, Sylens will reward you with his personal Lance, a spear-like item with improved damage and an added electric shock component. With the spear in hand, you should now be almost unstoppable, especially if you already know how to get the Shield-Weaver armor.


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