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Grindy RPGs like Honkai: Star Rail will hold your attention for hours as you try to get the perfect Relics out of the farming dungeons. All for the endgame, of course. And despite getting those items it’s pure RNG at the end of the day, certain events like the Realm of the Strange often appear to make this task a little bit easier. Just a little bit. Here’s all you need to know about this double-drop event.

How to Participate in the Realm of the Strange Event in Honkai: Star Rail

All players who have unlocked the Cave of Corrosion domains (unlocked at Trailblaze Level 30) can get their double drop chances. Much like Planar Fissure, this event is intended to help you get better gear for your characters, but with 4-piece Relics instead of 2-piece Ornaments this time around.

The event runs from 08/19 to 08/26, and all drops you get from using your Trailblaze Power in any of the Caves are immediately doubled. Just clear the Cave as you usually do (bring some help from other players if you want!) and you’ll receive double rewards. If you were to get a single 5-star Relic, you’ll get two instead. 

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You can get the boosted drops up to three times per day (120 Trailblaze Power in total). So, whenever this event (and other farming-boosting events) is active, you should definitely try and get a few extra pieces. See below the rates for 5-star Relics with the special boosted chances.

Equilibrium Level 2

No 5-stars can be obtained.

Equilibrium Level 3

Regular: 1 Relic

Realm of the Strange: 2 Relics

Equilibrium Level 4

Regular: 1 to 2 Relics

Realm of the Strange: 2 to 4 Relics

Equilibrium Level 5

Regular: 2 Relics

Realm of the Strange: 4 Relics

Equilibrium Level 6

Regular: 2 to 3 Relics

Realm of the Strange: 4 to 6 Relics

Others would definitely prefer a Jade-focused event, but there’s no point in getting strong characters if all you have are bad items to equip them. Use this opportunity to get your characters some luxury pieces or maybe even start pre-farming Relics for the upcoming banners.

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