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Honkai: Star Rail Banner Schedule – 5-Star Characters & More (August 2023)

Based on North American Servers because what on earth is server time

There are a lot of characters to look forward to in the coming months of Honkai: Star Rail, but between Hoyoverse’s release of this game, their other sister games, and heaven forbid if you have more on your list, the banner dates can get lost in your calendar. So here’s a list of the upcoming character banners, their dates and runtimes, and more in terms of what you need to know about the schedule for Honkai: Star Rail.

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Character Banner Schedule for Honkai: Star Rail in 1.2

The characters present in the 1.2 update for Honkai: Star Rail are Blade and Kafka, with the newly announced Four-Star, Luka running alongside Kafka in the second phase. Blade is our first Wind Destruction character who is great at dealing AOE damage to enemies that is based on his overall HP. Kafka is a Lightning Nihility character who is good at dealing damage as well debuffing her enemies and, given her recent role in the story thus far, we’re sure to learn a lot about her once she’s out. Luka is a Physical Nihility character, but not too much is known about his kit otherwise. As part of the Wildfire Rebellion in Boulder Town, he tries to provide a good example for the children in the Underground.

Blade’s Banner Date and Runtime: July 18 – August 9

Kafka’s and Luka’s Banner Date and Runtime: August 9 – August 30

Character Banner Schedule for Honkai: Star Rail in 1.3

Banners you can look forward to in 1.3 is the official release of the Five-Star form of Dan Heng, Imbibitor Lunae. He’ll be Imaginary Destruction and has enhanced Skill Attacks as well as an AOE Ultimate that not only looks beautiful but works to make him an amazing DPS. In the second phase of the update, Fu Xuan will be on the Banner alongside our new healer, Lynx. Fu Xuan will be a Quantum Preservation character with a pretty unique if not albeit a bit complicated that’ll work to protect your entire team. Lynx will be a Quantum Healer, but not much is known about her kit. We’ll likely learn more about her in weeks to come. As part of the Landau family, she’ll have some fun insight about Serval and Gepard.

Imbibitor Lunae’s Banner Date and Runtime: August 30 – September 20

Fu Xuan’s and Lynx’s Banner Date and Runtime: September 20 – October 11

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What is Server Time in Honkai: Star Rail?

You’ll often see that whenever Honkai: Star Rail’s official Twitter or YouTube updates the community with streams, new characters, or other bug fixes, they’ll use a term called Server Time whenever they mention when that update will go into effect. This has confused players a bit since Server Time is in no way universal so if you were confused, you were not alone. Honkai: Star Rail is available as a global game so that all updates are available whenever you play the game whether you are in the American Servers, European Servers, or Asia Servers. 

As a company that is based in China, it is safe to say that Server Time is based on the server’s locations for Honkai: Star Rail. Meaning that they are likely based in China or somewhere around that area to the company’s, Hoyoverse, best availability. So often times if you see Server Time whenever the game is telling you about an update that is meant to occur in the future, we’ll likely have to account for the time conversion from China Standard Time as indicated by their consistent use of UTC+8 (Coordinated Universal Time) as their timezone is eight hours ahead. For European Users, this usually coordinates pretty close to their time zones. For American Servers, these types of updates usually occur earlier if not a whole day prior than to what the actual dates are presented in Honkai: Star Rail’s Official Updates. 

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How Long Do the Character Warp Banners Last?

The Character Warp Banners usually last about 21 days. This gives plenty of time for two events or one incredibly long run that will result in Stellar Jade opportunities to save up for your favorite upcoming characters. Honkai: Star Rail has also included at least one event that will either increase the rate drops for the Planetary Drops in the Simulated Universe or for Materials that can be obtained in the Crimson and Gold Calyx. 

To know more about the characters that are coming up, be sure to check out the predicted characters that we know about so far. While the dates are subject to change in the case of any maintenance issues or delays, you can still know about who to look forward to so you know when and how much to save!

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