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High Conductor Sulmâkta Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Guide

by Ginny Woo

We hope that you’ve been enjoying Destiny 2: Shadowkeep as much as we have. It’s been a long couple of months waiting for the latest from Bungie to drop, and us weapon collectors have been looking forward to the Exotic that was previewed earlier in the year: Deathbringer. While we’ve already put out a little primer on this weapon and why it’s so good, check out our guide on how to defeat the High Conductor Sulmâkta Destiny 2 boss so that you can actually get your hands on this bad boy.

High Conductor Sulmâkta Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Guide: Prerequisites

So, defeating High Conductor Sulmâkta is one of the pre-requisites that you have to accomplish if you want to pick up the Deathbringer Exotic. For a bit of a primer on this weapon, it’s a rocket launcher that has explosives that you can detonate at your leisure, which then split into a cascade of lethal orbs. 

Here are some milestones that you’ll have to complete before you’re eligible to actually start the quest that will get you Deathbringer and end in killing High Conductor Sulmâkta:

  • Finish the Shadowkeep main campaign
  • Finish the “Lunar Spelunker” bounty from Eris Morn 
  • Cleanse the Memory of Sai Mota by finishing Nightmare Hunts

High Conductor Sulmâkta Destiny 2: Completing Symphony of Death

Once you’ve managed to cleanse the Memory of Sai Mota, take yourself back to Eris Morn. Speaking to her after this step will allow you to open a chest which will then result in the ability to access the quest Symphony of Death. As you might be able to tell now, you’re on the right track. Symphony of Death will require you to go to a place called the Circle of Bones, and you’ll then get a quest called Faculties of the Skull. Finish this quest off and you will be rewarded with an item called the Silent Skull, which has to be taken back to Eris Morn.

Now, you’re going to have to complete a number of steps as part of this prolonged quest chain:

  • Collect three bones – one from the Lost Sector in Sorrow’s Harbor, one from finishing a public event in Hellmouth, and one from killing the Bone Collector (a distinct Hive enemy that you can find near the Anchor of Light).
  • Kill High Conductor Sulmâkta – you can only do this in the Scarlet Keep strike, and you can find them on the last floor before the boss at the end of the strike. The kill will only count if you’ve done damage to High Conductor Sulmâkta, so don’t let your squad get too trigger-happy if you’re lagging behind.
  • Kill enemies with red health bars, yellow health bars, and bosses. We’d recommend gunning through Public Events and Lost Sectors.
  • Defeat enemies in the Circle of Bones and kill the final Wizard boss before heading back to Eris.

So long as you’ve finished all the steps and defeated the High Conductor Sulmâkta Destiny 2 boss as part of the Symphony of Death questline, you’ll be rewarded with a flash new Deathbringer. Now nifty is that? If you require assistance with anything else in Shadowkeep, we recommend checking out our guide on the Withered Plumes location.


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