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Heatran Pokemon GO Raid Guide

by Ginny Woo

If you’re someone who’s been enjoying the Lunar New Year festivities in Pokemon GO, then you’re definitely not alone. However, there’s still more to come in February, and some of us are still getting used to some raids that were introduced at the start of 2020. We’re talking here about the Heatran Pokemon GO raid. Here are some tips on taking this molten boy down.

Heatran Pokemon GO Raid Guide

So you’re wanting to take down Heatran in Pokemon GO. We’ve previously given you some tips about counters, which you might want to quickly browse here before you keep going on this one. We’ve also got some information on how to catch a shiny one for those who fancy themselves true collectors. 

However, let’s condense what you really need to know about beating the Heatran Pokemon GO raid into one place, shall we? As you might already know, Heatran is a Legendary Fire and Steel type Pokemon. This typing means that it’s particularly vulnerable to Ground moves, even though Fighting and Water would also be effective. If you’ve been at this for a fair wee while now, we would recommend pulling out some heavy hitters with the following moves:

  • Drill Run
  • Earthquake
  • Earth Power
  • Mud Shot
  • Mud Slap

The ultimate combination would probably be being able to use something like a Garchomp that has both Earthquake and Mudshot when we’re coming down to Type advantages and disadvantages. Once you’ve been able to kick over the Heatran Pokemon GO raid and one has shown up to reward you, make sure that you give it some hard-hitting Fire moves like Flamethrower once it’s been added to your collection.

Need a hand with anything other than our Heatran Pokemon GO raid guide? We’ve got a bunch of other tips and tricks for you just waiting in the wings if you’re an avid Pokemon GO player, just check them out here:

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