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How to Get Shadow Raikou in Pokemon GO

by Nicholas Barth

The second month of 2020 has officially kicked off. Pokemon GO Trainers will be treated to a variety of new content throughout February that will they will be able to experience and enjoy. One of the most exciting pieces of content that will be arriving in the mobile title in February will be the ability to acquire the mighty and legendary Pokemon of Shadow Raikou. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to get Shadow Raikou covered for you.

How to Get Shadow Raikou in Pokemon GO

Interested individuals will first need to make sure that they have completed the most recent set of Team GO Rocket Special Research. Doing this will grant you access to February’s Rocket Special Research called “A Professor’s Work is Never Done.”

Players will then be asked to defeat Team Rocket, its leaders, and the evil organization’s head honcho himself, Giovanni. Accomplishing these missions will allow players to rescue Shadow Raikou and have it become a part of their team. However, players will need to complete this special research before the end of February, as Shadow Raikou will be leaving the fan-favorite game at the end of the month. 

Shadow Raikou Pokemon Go

February 2020 is going to be an exciting time for the community with a treasure trove of new content ready to deliver plenty of exciting adventures throughout the next couple of weeks. The rescue mission of this legendary beast from Giovanni will be one of many things you will be able to partake in this month. 

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