Genshin Impact The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes Quest Guide

Three keys to unlock a prettier tree.

Genshin Impact Wild Fairy of Erinnyes Featured

The main World Quest line introduced in the Genshin Impact 4.2 update is The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes, a fairly straightforward tale about completing puzzles and learning how to understand a unique Melusian fellow. It unlocks some interesting features, so you should definitely take some minutes to complete it.

Wild Fairy of Erinnyes Genshin Impact Quest Line Guide

The whole quest line consists of three different quests you can complete in any order. Completing all three will start Within the Depths of Erinnyes, the final step that leads you to a new hidden area. Many chests and challenges are found along the way, so the total rewards can be even bigger than expected.

Head to the Marcotte Station waypoint in Fontaine and accept the blue quest popping next to the statues in the fountain. Foggy Forest Path will be automatically initiated, but you can start from whichever quest you want.

Foggy Forest Path

  • Genshin Impact Foggy Forest Path Puzzle Southeast
  • Genshin Impact Foggy Forest Path Puzzle Northwest
  • Genshin Impact Foggy Forest Path Puzzle North

If you choose to do this quest line in the “proper” order, head to the namesake area to find an altar. To complete the ritual, you’ll have to cleanse the waters in three nearby areas and activate the Pipes correctly. You can do so with the nearby orbs that grant you the Octopus abilities from the seas. Some will require precise positioning, while a specific one asks you to fuse two bubbles to make a bigger one.

Once you’re done with all three of them, Pahsiv appears and through her unique mannerisms and limited vocabulary, manages to give you the mission of finding the other hidden keys and altars. Let’s head to the next one.

Wilting Weeping Willow

At the deep waters of the Weeping Willow of the Lake, you can find a hidden altar. Interact with it and it’ll be time to find out how this one works. First, grab the nearby Stingray’s ability and free the Octopus inside the seaweed. You can now borrow its powers to get rid of the purple corruption next to the altar.

With a bubble now on your hands, use the Octopus skill to slightly push it between the 1-orb Pipes. Pop it and the puzzle should be done. Interact with the altar once again and Pahsiv pops up again to commend you. One altar left!

Furious Mouth of the Spring

Head to Loch Urania and you’ll soon notice the weird, powerful wave of water springing from the ground, causing a strong air current to push you away. Dive into the waters to find the source of your troubles: more purple corruption. Use the crab’s powers to get rid of them, then dive away to the other side and repeat the deed.

The waters will be calmer and you can now touch the altar. Only problem is the sleeping Vishap near it, which wakes up very angrily and jumps at you immediately. After you (almost) defeat it, Pahsiv comes up once again and domesticates it as if it were nothing. Melusines are awesome, I guess. Anyway, this was the last key, so it’s time to head for the final step.

Within the Depths of Erinnyes

Return to the starting point in Marcotte Station and use the keys in each of the statues. A new entrance will open, so drop on it immediately. Keep swimming down until you reach the Roots of Erinnyes, where the core of the corruption can be found. Lots of Rifthounds are lurking in the area, so be careful when dealing with them.

During the brief moments they cease attacking, grab the orb, and use the skill to cleanse the corruption from the area. More enemies will keep popping up, so repeat the process until you trigger a cutscene. Pahsiv will give you more energy and you’ll be able to cleanse more targets at once; keep resisting the waves until you fully cleanse the corruption.

You’ll be thrown away from the area after your victory, going back to the Weeping Willow of the Lake, which has now recovered its colors. Pahsiv hasn’t forgotten her promise either and gifts you tons of treasure chests for you to loot!

Wild Fairy of Erinnyes Rewards

Completing the whole quest line and collecting the treasures Pahsiv left you unlocks the Semnai Sans Shadow achievement, as well as permanently changing some areas in the Erinnyes Forest region. Weeping Willow of the Lake is back to its former greenery glory, and you can find more Lakelight Lillies around here now. The strong current in Loch Urania is also gone, so it’s easier to explore the area.

Speaking of said area, Pahsiv can be found in a cave at the end of the lake, where you can exchange some Tidalga for some interesting items. She also exchanges your Foggy Forest Branches for some more loot if you manage to find all six of them. The whole chain doesn’t take that long, so head out and get it done as soon as you can.

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