Lakelight Lily in Genshin Impact Locations

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Lakelight Lily Locations Featured

The areas introduced in the 4.2 update for Genshin Impact brought some new items for you to find around nature, such as the Lakelight Lily. This Local Specialty is required for ascending characters such as Furina, and here’s where you can easily find a few of them.

Where to Find Lakelight Lily in Genshin Impact

This specialty is found mostly in the Erinnyes Forest areas. Your goal is to grab at least 167 of those to ascend a character fully, but doing so in a single day is impossible with the limited amount of them around the map.

You can either wait three IRL days for them to respawn or enter someone else’s world to harvest a few of them. Be polite and ask them first; you never know if they’re trying to ascend the same character as you.


Always bring Lyney with you if you have him as his passive talent reveals their locations. Even if you’re following the map, having a direct icon for them is always helpful.

Lakelight Lilies at Erinnyes Forest

The majority (read this as “all of them”) of the Lilies are agglomerated around the Erinnyes Forest. There are no underground items this time, so don’t worry about lengthy world quests here. Just come around and get them at your leisure. Starting for the Foggy Forest Path and going up might be the best way, although you can easily find many around the Weeping Willow of the Lake, too.

Regardless of your path, you should be able to get at least 70 of them within a single world. It’s just a matter of time and/or invading a stranger’s world to complete your full collection. Don’t forget that you also need to get a lot of extra materials, including those from bosses, so you probably won’t be able to max Furina out on the first day. It’s a gradual grind to reach the top.

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