Genshin Impact: How to Complete the Foggy Forest Path Puzzle

They barely told us they could fuse!
Genshin Impact Foggy Forest Path Puzzle Featured

Foggy Forest Path is a World Quest introduced in Genshin Impact 4.2 version which sends the player into a rabbit hole of mildly infuriating puzzles and treasure seeking. But the final payoff is worth the suffering, even if it’s completely confusing at first, and here are the solutions for this particular quest.

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Foggy Forest Path Puzzle Solutions in Genshin Impact

The starting quest can be obtained next to the Marcotte Station teleport in Fontaine after examining the statues. It leads you to the namesake Foggy Forest Path, where your goal is to solve three puzzles to reveal the altar’s secrets and get its locked key. They’re all Harmonious Pipes puzzles involving bubbles, and the sheer precision required can be quite annoying.

Northern Foggy Forest Path Puzzle

Getting the biggest offender out of the way first, head directly to the north of the altar and you should see some purple corruptions. Grab the blue orb nearby to obtain the Octopus skill and cleanse said corruptions by holding the Skill button. You can press T to swap between your character’s regular skill and the octopus’.

With a now-clean area, it’s time to start messing with the bubbles. All pipes have one orb, so they all must be activated simultaneously by a bubble explosion. You can push them by using the Octopus skill on them, so push the two to the middle of the area and touch them so they can fuse and make a bigger bubble.

  • Genshin Impact Foggy Forest Path Puzzle North Bubble Fuse

Place the huge bubble around the center and hit it for the huge boom. If you fail, just try it again. The correct spot is near the flowers on the ground, facing the top pipe. If all pipes are triggered correctly, the puzzle here is done.

Northwest Foggy Forest Path Puzzle

In the second puzzle area, things are quite similar. Beat the nearby Hydro Slimes and get rid of the purple corruption. Two bubbles will appear to proc the three pipes, one with one orb and two with two orbs.

Place a bubble exactly between the middle of the two pipes, then hit the bubble directly behind you to activate the other pipe with one orb. Immediately after that, hit the other bubble to proc the two other pipes and solve this puzzle.

Southeast Foggy Forest Path Puzzle

The last one is also the easiest. After destroying the purple corruption, you’ll see three pipes with an increasing amount of orbs in each of them. To activate all of them correctly, just give a slight push to the bubble next to pipe 1 and hit it. The burst effect should correctly proc pipes 1 and 2 while also bursting the final bubble which procs pipe 3.

And that’s pretty much it! Head back to the altar to collect your key and the quest will be complete once Pahsiv appears. The rewards are x40 Primogems and x4 Hero’s Wit, as well as getting another step done for the larger Wild Fairy of Erinnyes quest line. You should now go for the remaining keys as this line unlocks a few special features in the new Fontaine areas.

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