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Genshin Impact “Scarlet Sand Soujourn” Web Event Guide

Walk a girl through the desert for some gems

by Patrick Souza
Genshin Impact Scarlet Sand Soujourn

With only a couple of days left before her official release in Genshin Impact, Dehya gets not only her official trailer but also a new Web Event dedicated to her with Scarlet Sand Soujourn, giving players another chance to get some resources for her… but most likely not. She’s coming to the Standard Banner anyways, so not many people are going for her right now.

Anyways, the event’s here, and there’s free stuff for everyone, so don’t miss it. You can participate in it by clicking here and following the simple point-and-click action from the event. It should take you less than five minutes to complete it. 

How to Complete the Scarlet Sand Soujourn Genshin Impact Web Event 

The event will be available from February 24 to March 2, and all players at Adventure Rank 10 or higher can participate. All rewards will be directly sent to your in-game email after completing the tasks as long as you claim them.

Your goal is to follow Dehya and Dunyarzad while they’re crossing the desert and discover some of the region’s unique Experiences while doing so. Use the “Hold to accelerate” button to make things quicker until you find clickable elements such as the Scarabs. 

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After quite a long walk, the girls will rest on a nearby oasis, and after a few more lines of dialogue, it’s all done. Click the “Claim” button to immediately get your rewards in the form of x40 Primogems, x3 Agnidus Agate Fragments, x20000 Mora, and x2 Mystic Enhancement Ores.

Dehya will be arriving on Genshin Impact following the 3.5 Version update next week. Following the update’s end, she will be added to the standard character pool and will be permanently obtainable through the Wanderlust Invocation banner or by losing the 50/50 chance at a Limited character. There has been some controversy about her strength as a 5-star, but the company has yet to make a statement about it.

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