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Baizhu Will Be Playable in Genshin Impact And It Only Took 2 Years

The last teased Liyue character is finally arriving

by Patrick Souza
Baizhu Playable Genshin Impact

This day marks a huge win for Genshin Impact players that have awaited since the game’s release for their new main. The final missing character from the original cast showcased in the game’s debut will be finally joining the playable roster. Baizhu was officially announced alongside Kaveh as the newest Dendro users to arrive in the game.

The Bubu Pharmacy physician has been teased all the way from the 1.0 version when the Traveler visited him during Liyue’s Archon Quests. We could see his Dendro vision at the time, but the element wasn’t even in the game. Fast forward to today, when the meta’s all about grass attacks, he’s finally here to deliver some venomous action.

Baizhu and Kaveh Beocming Playable in Genshin Impact 3.6

Some rumors once stated that Baizhu and Yaoyao would be available in the Chasm update, and today we see how wrong that was. The small girl only got playable recently, and he’ll be following her two versions later. Baizhu will be the new Catalyst 5-star Dendro character, while Kaveh is a Sword 4-star Dendro.

After having our first glimpse at the snake man, he suddenly vanished from the game, having only a few mentions through characters’ voice lines and some small cameos in Liyue events. He slowly amassed a loyal fanbase who would desperately wait for his release. Some were worried since Baizhu wasn’t immediately made playable alongside Dendro altogether, but he’s finally here with a few almost unnoticeable design changes.

Kaveh, on the other hand, also has his own share of fans, but this Howl-like mess of an architect didn’t have enough time to hold the same grip over the community, having only a few scenes with Alhaitham to this date. He’s a nice addition to the cast, just not as impactful as a character first showed in late 2020.

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Both are still some months away, though. While the 3.5 Version is arriving next week, 3.6 will take quite a long time, and the boys should be introduced to the game around April 2023. It’s also expected that this same update will include the final Sumeru areas, meaning that quite a few extra gems will be out for grabbing if you really want to pull for them.

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