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Final Fantasy XIV Magitek Predator Mount Guide

by Ginny Woo

Whether it’s been the most recent NieR: Automata content in Final Fantasy XIV that’s brought you back to the game, or the fact that you can feel your collector’s spirit surging within you, we get it. With some downtime between seasonal events and the next big patch, why not see if you can add to your mount manual? Check out our Final Fantasy XIV Magitek Predator mount guide for tips on how to get this clanky old thing. 

Final Fantasy XIV Magitek Predator Mount Guide

Even if you don’t quite fancy yourself to be at Cid’s level of Magitek fascination, there’s no denying that some of the Magitek mounts in the game are pretty sick. However, if you’re wanting something with a bit more of a retro feel than the units from Castrum, the Magitek Predator mount might be up your alley. Essentially, this is a Stormblood drop so you’re going to have to be able to access the dungeon called Ala Mhigo as a pre-requisite to even get a sniff of this mount.

Once you’re able to queue into Ala Mhigo, it’s just a matter of repeatedly running the dungeon to completion. This is because if you want the Magitek Predator Mount, you’re going to need to pray that you loot the Magitek Predator Identification Key off the dungeon’s final boss. This is entirely up to RNG and it won’t drop every time, so if you’re currently max level, the quickest way to do this is to likely just keep farming it unsynced with a handful of other mates who are geared too. At some point, the final boss of Ala Mhigo will drop the Identification Key and all that remains is for someone to roll on it, like pretty much every other mount farm. Whoever gets the Key, gets the Final Fantasy XIV Magitek Predator mount. 

Now that you have our Final Fantasy XIV Magitek Predator mount guide to hand, adding this machine to your mount collection shouldn’t be too hard as long as luck is on your side. If you’re after some legacy guides, why not check out some of these tips and tricks that we’ve put together so that you can prep for what’s to come later this year?