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FFXIV Moonfire Faire Quests Walkthrough — Seasonal Quest List

by Ginny Woo

Whether you’re a Final Fantasy XIV veteran or a sprout, it’ll be hard to miss the summer celebrations that have been going on. Moonfire Faire festivities are in full swing now in Costa del Sol, and everyone’s well on their way to picking up some beach-ready glamor rewards to ensure that the fun doesn’t stop even when the season fades away. If you’re a newbie to the Faire, check out our FFXIV Moonfire Faire guide for tips on how to kick off the party. Already cut your teeth on the introductory quests? Then this FFXIV Moonfire Faire quests walkthrough is for you — we’ll lay out the other seasonal quests that you have to do, tell you what you need to complete them, and what you’ll get in return. 

FFXIV Moonfire Faire Quests Walkthrough – Seasonal Quest List

Doing these quests will require you to have completed the starting quest from Mayaru Moyaru, acquired in Limsa Lominsa by the Aftcastle. You’ll have to Level 30 to complete this chain of events, and it’ll send you over to Costa del Sol, Eorzea’s premium waterfront location. Once you get to Costa del Sol, you’ll be offered a bunch of other quests to complete for the seasonal NPCs, and this is also going to give you your chance to tackle the Eorzean Nimble Warrior course. These quests, like all seasonal ones, are repeatable so you can repeatedly harvest them for event tokens. 

Frying for Fame and Fortune

You can pick this quest up from Hildelana at the Isle of Endless Summer, which is a short swim away from the Costa del Sol aetheryte. What does she want? Battered Fish. If you’re a Culinarian, this will be easy for you to fry up yourself so long as you can get your hands on Haddock, Popoto, Olive Oil, and Table Salt. Another alternative is to purchase these for cheap on the Marketboard: with the Moonfire Faire in full swing and no real shortage of supply of these there, they’re a handy pick up for those who are a little too lazy to fry up fish and chips themselves. Hand in the Battered Fish to Hilda in exchange for a Faire voucher — this can be repeated as many times as you like while the seasonal event is running. 

Hook, Line, and Sinker

You can get this quest from J’nangho who’s also a part of the Moonfire Faire festivities. What she wants you to do is to catch Haddock for her. As you can tell, a ton of the Faire quests have great synergy; you can fish for these aquatic critters and net a couple extra ones in order to do Hildelana’s frying quest. Once you catch some Haddock on the North Isle of Endless Summer, turn them in for a Faire voucher. You can repeat this quest as many times as you like too.

High-flying Hijinks, and Anything You Can Do

These two quests should be taken in tandem. They both revolve around handing in a set amount of Faire vouchers to Haermaga, and getting involved with the ill-fated and slightly clumsy aspiring athlete, R’fhul Tia. Essentially, picking up this quest will have you speaking to Beaudefoin and attempting the Eorzean Nimble Warrior obstacle course. If you think this is an American Ninja Warrior joke then you’re absolutely right. You’ll have to jump, cry, and pray your way to the top of the tower by the Isle of Endless Summer, and clearing both checkpoints will net you a set of four Faire vouchers. Four is the magic number that you need to complete Anything You Can Do — just hand these vouchers to Beaudefoin and you’ll be rewarded with this year’s Moonfire Fire swimsuits. Easy!

Now that we’ve given you the rundown on what quests to do, you’ll be well-stacked with Moonfire Faire vouchers by the time the event runs its course. Our general guide to the event has the rundown on what you can net with those rewards, so follow your heart and enjoy the summer sun in Eorzea while it lasts!

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