Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis – All Release Platforms Listed

Another possibility for a remake, with a lootbox attached

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis - All Release Platforms Listed

You’ve seen the trailers; the new game in “Compilation of Final Fantasy VII” is coming out soon! Although this spin-off of a legendary JRPG was only characterized as a rethreading of the old Final Fantasy VII timeline in a slightly different format, the last “Countdown to Launch Trailer” convinced us that there might be more to it.

This summer, we also participated in the Ever Crisis beta test and published some first impressions from it, but if you are only now getting interested in this title, let’s find out for which platforms Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis will be released.

What systems is Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis coming out for?

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is set for release on September 7, 2023. It will be available only for the following two mobile platforms:

  1. Android (Pre-register at Google Play Store)
  2. iOS (Pre-register at Apple App Store)

For now, there are no plans for a Nintendo Switch version or for other consoles and the PC.

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What is Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis?

Ever Crisis will be a free-to-play mobile-only game, which you can play solo or in co-op mode with two more friends when each takes control of one character during battles. This title aims to cover all events from the “Compilation of Final Fantasy VII,” which includes the OG Final Fantasy VII from the first PlayStation as well as the Advent Children movie, Before Crisis, the recently remastered Crisis Core, and even Dirge of Cerberus.

Key events and battles from these games will be recreated in a new visual style that looks like the chibi-remake of Final Fantasy VII that fans have always wanted. Judging by the last trailer (see above), there will also be new parts of the story and some brand-new characters, which is extremely exciting for all fans of this universe.

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What you probably won’t like is that due to the free-to-play nature of this title, it will be full of gacha mechanics and loot boxes, but at least you can try it out for free once it releases on September 7, 2023.

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