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Everything We Know About Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Gameplay, Plot, Platforms, Release Window & More

The unknown journey will continue...

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Everything we know about the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Gameplay, Plot, Platforms, Release Window and More

After much waiting and uncertainty, we finally have confirmation on the highly-anticipated sequel to the Final Fantasy VII Remake. On the Square Enix Stream held to celebrate Final Fantasy VII’s 25th Anniversary, we got a first look at the second part – a new game called Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Here’s everything we know about it so far.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Trailers

So far, only one short teaser trailer has been shown and it was during the Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary stream. In the “First Look Trailer,” we saw how the story of the remake of the legendary Final Fantasy VII will continue after the very unexpected ending the remake brought. There is no doubt that the story will go in a slightly different direction this time, but along the way, this trailer reminds us of some of the iconic scenes and locations from the ’97 original.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Gameplay

It is not yet known exactly how much Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s gameplay will differ compared to the Remake, but in the first trailer, we saw that traversal will be very similar, with a potentially much bigger and more open world. As the first trailer was more focused on the story, we didn’t see any footage of fights so for now we don’t know how different the battle system in Rebirth will be, or if it will differ at all.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Plot

It is unknown at this time how much will Rebirth stay true to the original plot of Final Fantasy VII after Cloud and party left Midgar. The scenes we saw in the trailer indicate that we will be able to play Cloud’s memories just like in the original but Aerith’s voice that is heard in the background and the questions she asks make us wonder what actually awaits us in this sequel as she asks “What is fact and what is fiction?”

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Platforms

For now, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is confirmed only for the PlayStation 5, making it another exclusive for the system. The PlayStation 4 version has not been announced. The PC version is also nowhere to be found, but as Remake eventually arrived on PC, it is not unthinkable that Rebirth could get a version for this platform as well sometime after release.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Release Window

We don’t have a release date for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth yet, but at the end of the first trailer, we got a release window of next Winter! With Final Fantasy XVI coming out in the summer of 2023, winter of the same year seems like a good release window for FF7 Rebirth. Next year is starting to look really good for fans of this legendary JRPG series – only if there are no additional delays! We’re keeping our fingers crossed, and we will update this article as the new information becomes available.

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