Final Fantasy VII Remake Hidden Trophy Guide

There are five hidden trophies in the FF7 remake. Getting them isn't easy, but knowing how is the first step.

If you’re pursuing the Platinum Trophy, Master of Fate, in the Final Fantasy VII remake, you’ll find that most of its trophy list is fairly self-explanatory. Some of them are harder than others, of course, but five of them are hidden. Without a guide, you’d just have to stumble across those last five secret trophies on your own, somehow.

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As it turns out, we have a guide right here. What a fun coincidence.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Hidden Trophy Guide

The five hidden trophies in FF7 include three Bronze, one Silver, and one Gold. While you can get three of them reasonably easily, the Silver Trophy requires you to clear out the Shinra Battle Simulator, while the Gold Trophy involves the single most difficult boss fight in the game.

Say It with Flowers (Bronze)

During Chapter 8, as you’re serving as Aerith’s bodyguard, the lady at Leaf House will ask you for your help decorating the orphanage.

Keep playing through the game after that until you reach Aerith’s house and receive the basket. Depending on which flowers you picked, the kids at the orphanage will decorate differently. From here, all you have to do is keep moving through the game until Chapter 9, when you can return to the Leaf House and get this trophy.

Divine Gratitude (Bronze)

It appears that to unlock this trophy, you must complete all of the side quests in Chapter 14 in one sitting. That is to say, you can’t do half on your first run, then the other half via Chapter Select; you have to play through Chapter 14 the old-fashioned way and run through all the quests.

Fans have reported that it may be possible to unlock Divine Gratitude by only completing “The Angel of the Slums,” “The Price of Thievery,” and “Corneo’s Secret Stash,” the three side quests in Chapter 14 where you deal with Mireille. For right now, though, the safe money is on treating Divine Gratitude like it’s a bonus for 100% completing the side quest bonanza that is Chapter 14.

When you do, the Letter from a Guardian Angel will spawn along the side of the road in the Urban Advancement District as you move towards the end of the chapter. Picking it up is enough to unlock this Trophy on the spot. You’ll also receive an Elemental Materia.

The Johnny Experience (Bronze)

This requires you to have finished two specific side quests and completed a particular Discovery in Chapters 9 and 14, all of which have to do with Johnny. You first meet him during Chapter 4, in an unmissable cutscene in the Slums, but finishing his story requires you to go a little out of your way.

In Chapter 9, chase Johnny down in the Wall Market. Talk to him, and be sure to agree with him.

Then, in Chapter 14, complete “The Party Never Stops” and “Tomboy Bandit.” If you’ve done everything right, you should get the trophy as soon as you give Johnny his wallet.

Dancing Queen (Bronze) 

The mini-game that players can earn the Dancing Queen Trophy from is found in Chapter 9 of the game’s main story. Cloud and Andrea will engage in a dance-off with players needing to clear it to obtain the Dancing Queen Trophy for their achievements collection for the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Do the dance perfectly, and Andrea will reward players with a special gift at the end. 

That’s the Smell (Silver)

Here’s where things get harder. If you’re a Final Fantasy veteran, you’ve probably had your day ruined at least once by a Malboro, the status-effect-spewing killer plant monsters that are a mainstay of the series.

In the FF7 remake, there’s exactly one of them in the entirety of the game, and it’s only available in Hard Mode. It can be found and fought in the final round of the six-star challenge in the Shinra Combat Simulator, Three-Person Team vs. Monsters of Legend.

The good news is that the Malboro isn’t as difficult here as it’s been in other Final Fantasy games. This is primarily because of the new combat system; most of the Malboro’s big moves involve its mouth, so if you keep your characters behind it as much as possible, it cuts a lot of the Malboro’s threat potential. You’ll still want to bring Aerith for clutch healing, and use Cloud and Tifa to stagger the Malboro during its Chow Down attack.

Note that the Malboro is also the only enemy in the game that uses Bad Breath, so this fight is also the only point at which you can learn it and complete the Master of Mimicry Trophy.

Ultimate Weapon (Gold)

Clear all of the fights in Don Corneo’s Colosseum in Chapters 9 and 14, as well as all the fights in the Shinra Combat Simulator and all 20 of Chadley’s Battle Intel assignments.

At this point, you’ll unlock a new challenge. When you start Chapter 17 in Hard Mode, Chadley now appears to direct you to a new simulator, which eventually hits you with FF7’s ultimate boss fight: Three-Person Team vs. Top Secrets.

This is a five-round gauntlet of bosses that is easily the biggest challenge in the remake, with commeasurate rewards: not only do you get the Gotterdammerung accessory for victory, but you also unlock the Ultimate Weapon Gold Trophy. We’ve got a guide on how to get past this boss rush, if you need the help.

The Final Fantasy VII remake has a difficult trophy list, but it’s achievable. While you’re grinding through Hard Mode to be able to take on the Pride & Joy, feel free to commiserate with us about it on Twitter @PrimaGames.

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