The Final Fantasy VII Remake has a variety of trophies players can earn by completing particular objectives or meeting specific requirements when completing an action. One of these exciting trophies is the Biker Boy trophy that players can acquire for their collection when they are playing as Cloud. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to get the Biker Boy Trophy covered for you.

Biker Boy Trophy Final Fantasy VII Remake

Players will have the chance to earn the Biker Boy Trophy when they are playing the side-mission where they are tasked with stealing explosives from Shinra before the second Mako Reactor bombing. This side-mission will see players control Cloud on his motorcycle where they will have to fight offer attacking enemies in a high-speed chase through a tunnel.  

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 Biker Boy Trophy Final Fantasy VII Remake

Individuals need to get through this tunnel battle section with at least 80% of their health to get the Biker Boy Trophy in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. We suggest doing this side-mission of the easy difficulty to provide you with the best chance of getting this mission with at least 80% of your health. Enemies will do less damage and allow you to take enemies down in a much easier manner than on the game's harder difficulties.

Materia that increases your health will also be very useful in making sure that you survive this side-mission with 80% of your health. 

There is no doubt that the hardest part of accomplishing this challenge will be surviving with 80% of your health when the final boss appears. This particular enemy has an array of very hard-hitting attacks that will take down your health in no time if you allow them to hit you consistently. Do not stay in one spot for too long, and provide the boss with an easy target. Keep moving, and do not be greedy with your attacks. Strike when you know you have a clean opening but do not overreach and attack too much, which could allow yourself to provide a clear opportunity for the boss to land an attack that they otherwise would not have landed. 

It also wouldn't hurt your chances if you have weapons equipped, which you have prioritized health upgrades such as Cloud's Buster Sword to increase your health pool even more and give you a better fighting chance of getting the Biker Boy trophy. 

Creating a save right before you go on this side-quest is also a helpful strategy, as you can load it up and try again if you fail to finish with at least 80% of your health so do not forget to create a new save for this challenge if you are determined to get it. 

Make sure to have the HP UP Materia equipped, as it can give you a total HP boost of 100% if you have more than one equipped to your character, which will provide you with a much better chance of having at least 80% of your health at the end. 

We wish you the best of luck in your quest to get the Biker Boy trophy! Let us know how it goes over on Twitter and Facebook! You can get yourself a copy of the popular game and support Prima Games at the same time by purchasing the Final Fantasy VII Remake through this link