If you're looking out for something to do in Final Fantasy 7 Remake then you're not going to want to go past the variety of minigames and quests offered in Wall Market. You'll visit the location more than once, so feel free to check out our guide on how to finish the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Quest 19 that involves a hell of a lot of core strength. 

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Quest 19 Guide

When you're checking out Wall Market in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you're going to have to essentially help out the citizens of this district before Madam M makes any headway with Aerith's disguise to get you both into Don Corneo's clown circus of whatever the hell he thinks he's about to do with Tifa. You will get a chance to revisit this location later on in the game, though, and for an entirely different reason. Also, Aerith is much more than just a babe to makeover in this game, and we have a guide on her various weapons to prove it to you that we've linked right here. Quest 19 in the story is called "Wavering Heart", which is one that you're going to have to carry out in a rather unusual place. Yes, we're actually talking about a gym.

Enter the gym that you first saw when you were in the slums of Sector 6 and you were challenged to a squats related competition while waiting for Aerith's makeover before the aforementioned clown fest. Quest 19 actually involves you challenging your old mentor, Andrea from the Honeybee Inn, to a pullup challenge. What you're going to have to do here is to get more pull-ups than Andrea, and much like how it worked previously with Cloud and the squats, you have to beat your opponent soundly by pressing the right combination of buttons. This will essentially give you another minigame to play. 

However, we do have one tip for completing Final Fantasy 7 Remake Quest 19, and that unlike Cloud's initial run-in with the squats, you're going to have to make sure that you don't just get stuck doing the same pattern. Different button combinations will be present between rounds of this pullup minigame (three in total), so make sure that you're remembering the right one if you want to win big. 

If you're someone who's looking to take on Final Fantasy 7 Remake Quest 19, then hopefully our guide has helped you to some extent. We don't think the quest is all that difficult by itself, it's really just about doing a whole bunch of pull-ups until you beat Andrea as he kicks around the gym in Wall Market. 

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