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Final Fantasy VII Remake Barret Weapons Guide

by Nicholas Barth

Barret is one of the exciting and unique characters that players can control in the world of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. The entertaining individual has a plethora of weapons that players can obtain and utilize in all of their adrenaline-fueled battles throughout the game’s story. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the weapons of Barret covered for you so that you can have the arsenal of weapons for Barret reach its highest potential. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake Barret Weapons

There are a total of six weapons that players can get for Barret in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. These weapons can be added to the inventory of Barret throughout the game in various means. These means include being purchased from vendors or by completing specific missions. 

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You can find how each of the Final Fantasy VII Remake weapons for Barret can be acquired below:

Gatling Gun

Barrett gets the Gatling Gun at the beginning of the game, so do not worry about having to perform any specific actions or missions to get this item. The proficiency for this weapon is known as Focused Shot, which consumes all of the ATB charges for Barret to unleash a burst of energy that increases stagger against enemies, making it a great tool to have in your pocket during a fight.

Light Machine Gun

Barrett is given the light machine gun at the end of Chapter 6. The proficiency for the Light Machine Gun allows Barret to take damage intended for other members of your party. There is no doubt that players looking at the weapons of this character who would like him to play in a tank role will be wise to obtain and use the Light Machine Gun.

Big Bertha

You can buy Big Bertha in Chapter 13 from the Sector 7 Slums weapons shop owner for a total of 2,500 Gil. The proficiency for this particular weapon causes it to consume all of your ATB charges to fire a long stream of bullets at an enemy, which can cause a large chunk of damage to whatever it hits. Big Bertha is another item in all of Barret’s weapons that allows him to flourish in the tank role, as it provides a plethora of stat boosts for him if you can keep his health levels high during a fight. 

 Final Fantasy VII Remake Barret Weapons

Steel Pincers

It can be purchased from the Moogle child in Chapter 14 of the game for a total of seven Moogle Medals. Players will find the proficiency for the Steel Pincers to be called Charging Uppercut, which allows you to rush towards an enemy and throw them into the air that also increases your ATB charge. Steel Pincers are the best of the weapons for Barret if you would like him to be a destructive damage dealer for your team. 

Wrecking Ball

The Wrecking Ball is a reward for completing the Chapter 14 side quest called Subterranean Menace. Its proficiency is called Smackdown and allows you to strike the ground send enemies caught in its strike to go flying away. Players who would like to Barret to a powerful damage dealer who is not afraid to punch the enemy right in the mouth will be satisfied by having him use this item out of his weapons. 

EKG Cannon

The EKG Cannon can be bought from Hart in Chapter 16 for a total of 10,000 Gil. You will find that the proficiency for the EKG Cannon is known as Point Blank that consumes all of your ATB charges to fire a close-range attack that sends enemies flying like the Wrecking Ball. Barret meets his highest potential when it comes to magic when using the EKG Cannon, so those needing him to play more of a support role will be happy when he is using this particular weapon. 

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