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Final Fantasy VII Remake Aerith Weapons Guide

by Nicholas Barth

Aerith is one of the unique characters that players can play in the world of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. The exciting individual has a plethora of weapons that players can obtain and utilize in all of their adrenaline-fueled battles throughout the game’s story. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the weapons of Aerith covered for you so that you can have the arsenal of weapons for Aerith reach its highest potential.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Aerith Weapons

There are a total of six weapons that players can get for Tifa in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. These weapons can be added to the inventory of Tifa throughout the game in various means. These means include boss interactions, finding them hidden in chests, and purchasing them from vendors.

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You can find how each of the Final Fantasy VII Remake weapons for this character can be acquired below: 

Guard Stick

Aerith gets this item at the beginning of the game, so do not worry about having to perform a specific action or complete a particular mission to get this item. The proficiency for the Guard Stick is called Arcane Ward, which conjures a ward that allows for attack spells cast within the ward to be cast twice. This weapon is designed with a focus on magic, so it will play to the strengths of Aerith very well and will not disappoint players. 

Silver Staff

It can be bought from the Moogle child in Chapter 8 for a total of two Moogle Medals. Sorcerous Storm is the proficiency for the Silver Staff and deals magic damage to enemies that are near you. This weapon offers powerful bonuses for both offensive and defensive magic, making it an excellent weapon for players to use to have this character be able to stand on her own in a fight.

Arcane Scepter

The Arcane Scepter is a reward for either the Chapter 9 side quests of A Dynamite Body or Shear’s Counterattack. Fleeting Familiar is the proficiency for the Arcane Scepter. This ability summons a fairy that attacks your enemies after you use skills and spells, making it a beneficial one to have in your arsenal. This weapon transforms Aerith into a powerful damage dealer, so players who would like her to be a formidable offensive threat will be happy with what the Arcane Scepter provides.

 Final Fantasy VII Remake Aerith Weapons

Mythril Rod

This item is found in a chest located in Chapter 11 of the game. This chest is in an abandoned carriage in the Train Graveyard. Go to the abandoned carriage instead of going up the ladder following your fight with the rats. You will find that the proficiency for this weapon is called Ray of Judgement, which fires an energy burst that will hit multiple times and provides an increased stagger damage bonus. Aerith’s defensive stats will get a very nice boost when you use the Mythril Rod, which means that this weapon will help her fill a tank role for your party compared to her other items. 

Bladed Staff

It can be stolen from the Chapter 11 boss. Players will need to have the steal materia equipped to take the Bladed Staff successfully. You will find the proficiency for the Bladed Staff is called Lustrous Shield. This ability conjures a shield that keeps enemies away and renders projectiles from enemies useless. Players who have her use the Bladed Staff weapon will enjoy a variety of critical hit upgrades that will allow her to dish out some large chunks of damage.

Reinforced Staff

The Reinforced Staff is in a chest that is located in the room where you start Chapter 17 of the game. ATB Ward is the proficiency for this weapon. It conjures a ward that allows comrades who use ATB inside of it to regain ATB from your gauge, making it a powerful support ability for your team. The Reinforced Staff offers some impressive defensive upgrades, which will help her survive longer in battle and keep her in the fight to provide more support for your other characters. 

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