Final Fantasy 16 Arcade Mode Rewards Explained (FFXVI)

Final Fantasy 16: Arcade Mode Rewards Explained (FFXVI)

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No, this isn’t some Japanese-only arcade machine; Final Fantasy XVI actually has an Arcade Mode where you can replay certain encounters from the game and try to get the highest score with preset levels, skills, equipment, and items. However, this option at the Arete Stone will not be available immediately, so let’s find out how to unlock Arcade Mode in Final Fantasy XVI and everything about the scoring system and potential rewards.

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To unlock Arcade Mode in Final Fantasy XVI, you must defeat Midnight Raven at the end of the “Fanning Embers” quest. Arcade Mode is then accessed via the Arete Stone which you can find in Cid’s Hideaway – a location that will be very familiar to you if you have spent any considerable time in the game.

You can only play each challenge in Arcade Mode with a predetermined level, gear, and items. The only thing you can choose is which Eikon you will equip. So basically, this mode takes out any RPG elements from the equation, putting only your skills to the test.

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The score in Final Fantasy XVI Arcade Mode is determined by two factors; the Battle Technique score letter color (rainbow S being the best) and the number of stars (one to three). The more complex techniques give more points and the score is determined according to the table below.

Score Letter Color1-Star2-Star3-Star

For now, there are no prizes to win in the Arcade Mode, all you can achieve by playing these battles is… to have fun? Or hone your skills by competing with yourself trying to get the best score possible, since there are currently no online ranking leaderboards implemented yet. During a roundtable interview with the developers of Final Fantasy XVI back in February, they promised global ranking leaderboards for Arcade Mode, so I guess they will be added in a future update – some rewards would be excellent too.

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