Best Accessories in Final Fantasy 16 Listed (FFXVI)

The perfect accessories for every occasion

Best Accessories in Final Fantasy 16 Listed (FFXVI)

Final Fantasy XVI is the latest entry in Square Enix’s legendary RPG series, although it is the least RPG of all the games in the mainline series so far. This is partly due to the focus on action battles, but also due to the lack of other RPG mechanics in the game. Some will say that Final Fantasy XVI has more abilities than Diablo IV and, while that’s true, there is no itemization or any special gearing, weapon farming, etc. The most you can do is change the main character’s weapon and set up a couple of accessories – and that’s why choosing the right assortment is very important. Let’s find out what the best accessories are in Final Fantasy 16.

Best Accessories to Equip in FFXVI

In Final Fantasy XVI, you have only three slots for accessories, so you have to choose well. The choice of the right accessories mostly depends on the effect they bring and the goal you currently have in the game, whether you want to increase attack damage or magic power, grind Gil, or EXP – depending on that, some of the following accessories can be in your perfect combination.

  • Channeler’s Whispers (Automatic recharge of the Magic Spells, works only if you have learned Charged Magic ability) – 20000 Gil at Charon’s Toll.
  • Dire Wolf Jess (Increases Combo Damage by 5%) – 295 Renown at The Patron’s Whisper.
  • Genji Gloves (All DMG +5%) – 2365 Renown at The Patron’s Whisper.
  • High Cleric’s Medallion (Potions restore 25% more HP) – 715 Renown at The Patron’s Whisper.
  • On Fortune and the Heavens (Gain 15% more EXP after the battle) – 5500 Gil at Charon’s Toll.
  • Ring of the Demolitionist (Magic Burst Damage 15% increase) – Found in the Orb Chest during the Main Quest #62 – Across the Narrow.
  • The Golden Testament (Gain 30% more Gil after the battle) – 5500 Gil at Charon’s Toll.
  • The Wages of Warcraft (Gain 20% more AP after the battle) – 15000 Gil at Charon’s Toll.

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These are some of the best accessories in Final Fantasy 16, their effects, and how to obtain them. While there are numerous options available, this selection includes some of the finest accessories that I utilized during my first playthrough of the game, as well as during the second in New Game+ mode, commonly referred to as Final Fantasy Mode. Have fun accessorizing!

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