How to Get the Ultima Weapon in Final Fantasy 16 (FFXVI)

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How to Get the Ultima Weapon in Final Fantasy 16 (FFXVI)

Although Final Fantasy XVI departs a lot from the tradition of this long-running RPG series in many ways, some elements that should be familiar to the fans of the classic games are still there – for example, the Ultima Weapon exists in the world of Valisthea! In fact, Ultima Weapon is the strongest weapon Clive can wield in the game! To get it this time around, you won’t need to remove it from the hands of an ultra-powerful hidden boss of the same name; instead, you’ll be able to create it. Check out the guide below to find out how to get the Ultima Weapon in Final Fantasy 16.

Where to Make Ultima Weapon in Final Fantasy XVI

Ultima Weapon can only be created in the post-game, i.e. Final Fantasy Mode – the Final Fantasy 16 New Game+. So, basically, it is a second playthrough item that cannot be brought back to the normal game mode, it can be only used in the more demanding Final Fantasy Mode.

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To make Ultima Weapon you will need:

  • Utterance of Creation x1
  • Ragnarok x1
  • Ultima Weapon Crafting Material x3

The first item, Utterance of Creation will just pop up in your inventory when you start the New Game+ / Final Fantasy Mode for the first time.

For Ragnarok you will need to finish some side quests, just like in the first playthrough – “Blacksmith’s Blues”, “Blacksmith’s Blues II”, “Blacksmith’s Blues III”, and “Blacksmith’s Blues IV”. To kickstart this questline you need to talk to the blacksmith in Blackthorne during the “Here Be Monsters” main quest, the one where Clive and Jill are making final preparations before sailing to Mt. Drustanus and Drake’s Breath.

And finally, Ultima Weapon Crafting Materials will be awarded for progressing through the main story for the second time in Final Fantasy mode, so you do not need to do anything special to get it, just go through the main quests and eventually, you will get three of them.

With 700 Damage and 700 Will (Stagger) Ultima Weapon is the strongest weapon in the game, and pretty much essential for the Final Fantasy Mode (New Game+) and the increased difficulty it brings.

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