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Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood – Unlock Red Mage

by Bryan Dawson

Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood has already begun early access and will soon be available for all to play. The biggest additions in the expansion are the two new classes. This article covers how to unlock Red Mage in Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood. Don’t worry, it’s not very hard and you won’t even need to have Heavensward content completed to gain access to it. However, you will need a job class at 50 and have completed all of the main story quests for the base game (A Realm Reborn).

Unlock Red Mage

To unlock Red Mage in Stormblood head to the Steps of Thal area in Ul’dah. Just before you reach the Gate of Thal exit you’ll see a Distraught Lass to the east. Speak with her to begin the Red Mage class quest.

Once you’ve begin the quest, head outside through the Gate of Thal and continue west for a short walk to find a Well-dressed Lass standing next to a Red Mage about to engage in combat. Speak with her, then talk to the Red-garbed Traveler right next to her to complete this portion of the quest.

Head back through the Gate of Thal and into the Steps of Thal. Return to the location where you first spoke to the Distraught Lass and you’ll find both the Well-dressed Lass and the Red-garbed Traveler (X’rhun Tia) standing there. Speak with the Distraught Lass to complete this portion of the quest.

At this point you can either head back outside or just teleport to Black Brush Station. Your next location is the Coffer & Coffin southwest of Black Brush. Inside the Coffer & Coffin you’ll find X’rhun Tia again. Speak with the Red Mage to complete the quest and gain access to the job. If you change to Red Mage you can speak with X’rhun Tia again to immediately begin the Red Mage level 50 quest.

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Bryan Dawson

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