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Final Fantasy 14 – FFXIV Getting Glamor Prisms Quick

by Ginny Woo

Tired of the current climate? Not sure that the Final Fantasy XIV main story quest is particularly heartening? Well, there are things to do that aren’t just trucking through the story. Our recommendation would be to take some time off to look good, feel good, and to eat, pray, and love things. If you can’t love yourself, how are you going to love anybody else? We reckon you should start with what your glamor looks like, so you’re going to need our FFXIV getting glamor prisms quick guide for sure.

Final Fantasy 14 – FFXIV Getting Glamor Prisms Quick

Part of the fun in Final Fantasy 14 is arguably looking great. Sure, you can jump right into the MSQ stuff and also pick up other tanking classes like the Paladin (which we actually also have a guide for that we’ve linked here for your convenience), but we definitely think that a better use of your time if you’re wanting to wind down from the stress of being in the end-game. To that end, we think trying to get your glamors all tuned up is the way to go.

Glamors require glamor prisms to create. Using prisms on your gear will allow you to change how things look and to swap the appearance of something with your item of choice, so long as it’s equippable by your class. However, you’re going to require a glamor prism for each piece of gear that you want to change the appearance of, so you’ll quickly need a whole lot of them to make every single outfit that you want. Sure, you are able to craft those glamor prisms on your own but like any other profession and any other crafting element takes time. 

You might already know what we’re going to say, but our FFXIV guide to getting glamor prisms quick is actually to buy them. They’re incredibly cheap and essentially go for double digits on most market boards on servers, so our recommendation would just be to buy them in bulk so that you can forget about it. It’s easy to plop down a small amount of gil to play the fashion game, and we just think it’s a whole lot quicker to buy 99 of these glamor prisms than to make 99 of them. Once you’ve got them, you can head to any inn and design your glamor plates the way you want them before applying them. Voila! Your Project Runway moment is here. 

Now that you’ve got our FFXIV guide to getting glamor prisms quick, it’s going to be easy enough for you to make sure that you get the look that you want. We’re a particular fan of some of the dancing girl robes that you can pick up in Final Fantasy XIV, but you’ll need to stockpile those glamor prisms if you want to make a whole ton of looks to rotate through. Need help with anything else in Final Fantasy XIV? Check out these other tips and tricks that we’ve put together for players in Eorzea just like you at our dedicated guides hub for the game:

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