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Final Fantasy 14 — How to Get FFXIV Carpenter Quests

by Ginny Woo

With things seemingly falling apart after the latest narrative revelations in Final Fantasy XIV, there’s plenty of reasons why players would want to be distracted from the happenings of both Eorzea and the wider world by taking up something more soothing than battling the end of fantasy civilization as we know it. Personally, while we can’t quite recommend knitting, we think doing things with your hands is productive. If you want to put yourself to use and make some cool items for your Free Company and your own lodgings, why not take up Carpentry? Here’s our guide on how to get FFXIV Carpenter quests so you can get started. 

Final Fantasy 14 — How to Get FFXIV Carpenter Quests

If you’re someone who’s been wondering how to wind down from the stress of the latest developments in the Final Fantasy XIV storyline, you might want to consider taking up some kind of profession in-game. Sure, the Crystal Exarch and all the nonsense in the First is all fine and dandy if you’re not tired of playing the Hero, but if there’s anything that we’ve learned from Shadowbringers, it’s that we should let our mates shoulder the burden from time to time. Besides, it’s getting a little hard to stay positive and hustle when you know that a world-ending evil is slowly turning all of your allies’ brains to mush. Yeah. It isn’t looking all that great. 

Our recommendation would be to become a Carpenter! This particular Disciple of the Hand profession is pretty handy, since you’re going to be able to make a whole bunch of things like furnishings and whatnot for those who are looking to spruce up their apartment lives. With us spending plenty more time indoors IRL, and possibly also in Eorzea, assisting with the efforts of everyone who is wanting to redecorate just seems like a civic duty. Now, you might be wondering how to get FFXIV Carpenter quests so that you can start your journey.

We’ve got a helpful video above which outlines that you have to first head to New Gridania, and once you’re there, take a left hook from the Main Plaza Aethryte to walk into the Carpenter’s Guild which is clearly signposted on the minimap once you’ve opened it. In there, speak to the Guild Receptionist, Corgg, and they will give you a bit of a spiel on it before directing you to speak to someone more senior further inside the building. Once you’ve decided that you want to become a Carpenter, head in and speak to Timbermaster Beatin to hand in the quest Way of the Carpenter. Voila! You can now get quests from the Timbermaster for the rest of time until you level your profession to max. 

So, you’ve now got our guide on how to get FFXIV Carpenter quests in Final Fantasy 14, you too can pick up an extra hobby this month while you’ve got a ton of time to kill kicking around Eorzea. Sounds pretty fantastic, yeah? Of course, it’ll be a little bit easier if you already have the complementary gathering profession of the Botanist since that will involve you cutting down your fair share of trees to turn into (you guessed it) lumber! Need a hand with anything else in Final Fantasy 14? Check out these other tips and tricks that we’ve prepared for Warriors of Light like you in our dedicated hub for the game:

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