FFXVI: How to Get a Chocobo

Our feathery friends.

Chocobos are a staple in Final Fantasy games. These trusty companions will get you places faster than traveling on foot. In Final Fantasy XVI, this is no different. However, it will be a bit before you get your Chocobo, and it will require a little extra legwork. Here’s how to get a Chocobo in FFXVI.

Where to Get a Chocobo in Final Fantasy 16

To obtain your Chocobo in FFXVI, you will need to have completed the main missions up through The Gathering Storm. You can check our main scenario progress in the Journal tab in the main menu. If you have not completed this main story quest, keep playing until you’ve finished it.

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You’ll then be given a side quest in Marth’as Rest that has a green plus sign. Chances are this is the first time you’ve seen this icon in FFXVI. Go over to the man in Martha’s Rest and accept the quest. He will be standing next to a yellow Chocobo.

The quest “The White-Winged Wonder” will take you on a journey throughout Three Reeds looking for a white Chocobo that is in trouble.

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Complete the quest and you’ll be given a Chocobo of your very own to use in open-zone areas.

How to Use a Chocobo

To use your Chocobo, all you need to do is hold R3 when in the field, and your trusty companion will appear. Hold X near it to mount it.

Hold R2 while riding to sprint on your Chocobo. This is great for exploring areas swiftly and without having to deal with every enemy you come across.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to get and use a Chocobo in Final Fantasy XVI. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to stay right here at Prima Games. We have everything you need to know about Final Fantasy 16. Check out all of the Eikons in Final Fantasy XVI.

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