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All Summons In Final Fantasy XVI So Far

by Jesse Vitelli

Final Fantasy XVI is full of summons which fans of the series are familiar with. Players are always looking to see if their favorite oneshave made the cut. In FFXVI, they – also known as Eikons – play a huge role in the story. Here are all of the summons in Final Fantasy XVI we know of so far.

All Summons in Final Fantasy XVI

As more and more trailers and promotional material for the game comes out, we’re going to update this list to keep it as up-to-date as possible.

Summons in the Final Fantasy series are some of the most powerful actions you can do in battle, often completely decimating your enemies in combat. It seems that Final Fantasy XVI has taken a new approach with them. Eikons according to the latest FFXVI trailer, are giant kaiju-like battles where they fight each other.

This means you might be able to actually live out your dreams of playing as Shiva and casting Diamond Dust directly at Odin.

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The summons we know are in Final Fantasy XVI are as follows:


Titan’s hulking appearance towers over the cliffside and surrounding areas.


Originally show off in the first trailer, Phoenix is awoken during a terrible village attack.


Garuda is more fierce and ready to cause chaos than we’ve ever seen previously.


Ramuh is doing what Ramuh does, shooting lightning from the sky and looking wise doing it.


Shiva is seen in both trailers casting the famous Diamond Dust attack towards Titan. Seems like someone else’s problem.


Odin towers over the battlefield, mostly known for his giant horse and big sword.


Bahamut, the strongest of summons is here, and we’re already terrified to see the fallout.


We’re unsure what tricks Ifrit is going to get up to, but it’s almost never a good sign.

These are all of the currently known summons in FFXVI. As more information comes out we will continue to update this list.

For now, Final Fantasy XVI will release for the PlayStation 5 sometime in Summer 2023.

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