FFXIV Island Sanctuary: Where to Find Island Clay

I can't believe FFXIV is clay to win.

FFXIV Island Sanctuary is filled to the brim with different avenues to have fun and build up your cozy little getaway. For many players, this will involve a heavy amount of crafting and gathering other materials. You might run into some trouble when you’re looking for specific resources as the game doesn’t give you any direction as to where they might be. So here’s how to get Island Clay in FFXIV’s Island Sanctuary.

FFXIV Island Sanctuary: Where to Find Island Clay

There are three reliable sources of Island Clay around the area. You won’t be able to gather any until you’ve reached sanctuary rank 5 and have crafted the shovel.

The first significant source of Island Clay can be found directly right after entering the wilds. (X:22.7, Y:25.9). Here, you’ll find an abundance of it, around five or six nodes. Do not collect any sand in the water, this will not provide clay.

After that, you’ll want to start heading northwest to the next set along the north river. Here is a small patch that contains two nodes of Island Clay. (X:18.0, Y:18.6).

The third and final major source of Island Clay can be found in the northwest corner of the map. This can have up to three different Island Clay nodes. (X:14.2, Y:14.0).

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Your best bet is the first source, but if you run this route top to bottom, you should yield roughly 10 Island Clay each time. It’s a solid system, and by the time you return to the beginning, the nodes should have respawned for you to dig up again.

Remember that you’ll need the shovel to get the clay, so craft that as soon as you unlock it at level 5. This will be required if you want to progress further with your island’s development.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about where to get Island Clay in FFXIV’s Island Sanctuary. We have plenty of helpful guides about where to find the Lemur, Island Stag, Dodo of Paradise, and more.

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